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$15.00 / minute

Predictions (I call them Events). Compassionate and non Judgmental reader here. All are welcome!

*I do not offer Q&A* *I will not be taking any new clients for a while*

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    *I do not offer Q&A* *I will not be taking any new clients for a while*

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    *YOU WILL NEED TO READ THIS IN FULL BEFORE I WILL EVEN START A READING* *OUTCOMES: You and John Reunite and discuss why you Broke up. You and John are Together NOW, Not Broken Up! I see Outcomes, Not current Situations, Clearly You are heading for a Breakup and Reunion* *NAMES OF PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW: I read The Future, Names (First and Last) Will come in, You won't always recognize them* *I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS GUY: Let me stop you right there, Events are Random, I cannot Predict (haha) what subjects will come in, Burning Questions about ..whatever, should be asked of a different reader* *YOU TOLD ME ABOUT A ROMANCE WITH SOMEONE NEW, NOT MY POI: Indicating that You and Your Poi will not last and that someone new will come along* *GLOOM AND DOOM READINGS: Perception Matters. Telling a Client that her best friend would be getting married soon is good news to me, Bad to her as she wanted to be the first to get married* *THE EVENTS WERE SUPER VAGUE AND/OR MADE NO SENSE AT ALL: Sadly, That can Happen. Sometimes Events that do not make sense at all make perfect sense later, if You NEED everything to connect, call someone else* *VAGUE DOES NOT BENEFIT ME: Then Try to look at the events as FUN, Again if you NEED an Outcome, call someone else!* *TIMELINES/ORDER: Clients have reported Events happening in as little as a few minutes to 3 Years, Events are often out of Order as well* *I NEED CLARIFICATION: Sure, Let's chat after the Events have been read, I cannot look for Names that didn't come in or Provide extra Information though* *I HEARD YOU ASK FOR A SILLY CODE BEFORE READING EVENTS: Not only is it important that you have read the disclaimer to fully understand how the events work as they can be very confusing the first time, Its important to me that I have a new and honest client, The code is Jelly* *JUST A NOTE, I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS*

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    *RETURN CLIENTS* *10 Events for $85*

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Terry Mitchell‘s reviews

  • joysjrnys

    He is tapped into my energy well. Not sure altogether about the other parts, but time will tell. Very pleasant to talk to. :)

  • tinkerbeel

    didnt feel connected with reader and he told me i shouldnt feel connected with him and that only he should feel connected with me. didnt like him shouting at me! he will only read the future for the next 30 days and will not go beyond that. found him contradicting. didnt like talking to him at all and that is why i ended the chat early. was a waste of my money.this is what you said bout 30 days Terry so i am not lying • 3:32PMTerry Mitchell:There is no new job coming in the next 30 days and thats how far ahead i like to go with clients to keep them on the here and now track :) If you keep me on as a reader I can of course guide you to know. Maybe you should read the definition of lying! And you did use capital letters on me which is shouting and you did contradict yourself with what you said.

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    1st bad review in my entire 19 years, it threw me for sure!

  • linda45

    My reading with Terry was very informative, his insight into my situation has made me aware to take a closer look into my life regarding relationships and certain people that I cross paths with. Thank you Terry! Talk to you soon.

  • anonymous

    Very friendly, straightforward, and honest. He deserves more clients !!!!!

  • lmadonna

    we will have to see if it happens very good reading you should give it a try

  • lotus71

    Terry tells you exactly what he sees -- good or bad -- honest and here to help. He does *not* push cleansing unless he feels you truly need it. Give him a try, you won't regret it.

  • faith1984

    She is a good reader, picked up on the crazy things I had at work even though I didn't ask about it. She also picked up a few things on other aspects of my life. A nice person to chat with and very reasonable.

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    Hmm, I am a guy but other than that, Thanks! :P

  • amarie1121

    I'm not sure they were really connected to my situation. Time will tell

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    If I was not connected I would have issued a refund. Connection was Good :)

  • neal

    Always great as usual

  • cbeaudry


  • alondra

    Amazing reading. Will definitely come back. Terry was very patient and understanding. Clear, honest, and to the point. It was money well spent. All worthy. You don't always get that satisfaction. I am very happy and will be coming back.

  • hemal

    great reading.

  • kiwichick

    This was the most different reading I have ever had. My question was not answered, though I did not ask. I think,! ...if you get yourself in the right frame of mind and talk to Terry you will get real answers. Terry gave me a different view of what is happening around me.

  • neal

    Great, clear answers. Made predictions, have to wait and see if it comes true.

  • elhungo

    Very fast and accurate reading.

  • clairecollins

    Nice man, got several things right. Time will tell on predictions.

  • possum

    great reading recommend to all

  • felicienne

    First chat with Terry, I wanted him to do a general reading to just pick up what he saw, and he picked up many things that were true, and then one or two that I don't know what they mean, but maybe will show...

  • eve12

    I loved my reading with Terry. He quickly tuned in and was on point with all details he provided. I look forward to what is yet to come. I'll be back for updates and confirmations. Thank you Terry!

  • narmin

    Erm Terri is honest, straight forward and gives a real reading. He was quite accurate on some points. However, due to 5 card readings...I felt like it was a limited readings as some questions were yes or no, or could not be answered.

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    Not typical reading, the Uncertainty card blocked the cards, had to use dice only.

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