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$10.99 / minute

Predictions (I call them Events) Connected to Your Present or Future, Honest, compassionate, non judgmental using The Scrolls of Ara and Lots (Dice).

*NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $25* *10 Events for $50* *You must read the full disclaimer before calling me or I will not read events for you* *I do not offer Q&A as a service*

Special offer

5 Events for $25, 10 Events for $50 (New Clients only)

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    Las Vegas

  • Description

    *NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $25* *10 Events for $50* *You must read the full disclaimer before calling me or I will not read events for you* *I do not offer Q&A as a service*

  • Experience

    *EVENTS DISCLAIMER* *I need The following Information to make this the most accurate Reading Possible: Your real first Name, Your sex, Your Orientation* *I can take 1 POI, I need to know their real first name and their relationship to You, Ex, Current husband, wife and I cannot promise they will come up as The Readings cannot be focused on specific people/subjects* *Events will often contain First Names but these may not be people you know NOW, Since Events have up to 2 Years to happen, Its very possible You will meet the people I speak of at a later date, If you do not believe this can happen, Don't call* *Events often will not "Resonate" with You. If You need them to make sense based on Your current Life, Please do not call, There are No Refunds so make sure that You understand this disclaimer* *Once Read I cannot answer questions about Events, Look for names that didn't come in or try to look deeper at the event to ascertain more information, You are told exactly what you need to know to handle what is coming but I can of course explain wordings or meanings if something isn't understood* *I tell the good and the bad, if you want only good, go watch Sesame Street, Also to confirm you have read the FULL disclaimer I need the code "Piper" when You call, I will ask for it*

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    *RETURN CLIENTS* *10 Events for $85* *You can add 10 more on whenever you want* *Return Clients in Good standing may win $5 to $30 off their Reading, It's random, Good luck* *There are Holiday discounts*

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Terry Mitchell‘s reviews

  • lynettefs

    very interested to see how events will play out :)

  • ley

    Impressive gift!

  • zarigjohnson

    I find his events very interesting and can't wait to see unfold... I looked up his reviews and he is the real deal! Will contact again

  • kob999

    So much fun. Things happen as he tells them

  • nat2017

    thank you

  • alk26

    Wow. Some events definitely 100% resonate. They were not general some specific to situations I have been thinking about.

  • zeza5

    Thank you!

  • zeza5

    Thank you!

  • bribrijo

    always interesting

  • sades

    Excellent / brilliant only one I’ll speak with

  • bribrijo

    thank you Terry

  • sharonn

    Wow. I hardly ever call psychic hotlines and have never used bitwine before but this guy is amazing. Spot on and totally genuine.

  • reddiechan

    Thank you for the events as always Terry!

  • lucyinthesky

    This was such a fun reading! I have to go back and look again and keep an eye out for these amazing events, some of them I could see happening. Thanks a million Terry. Stay safe where you are.

  • kob999

    I love Terry so much fun

  • jenny713

    did not resonate with me at all, will call back if event happened

    Advisor's reply


    Disclaimer says "Events probably won't resonate or make sense till later when they happen"

  • sightandfire

    Terry is phenomenal. One event already happened as he predicted, a second one he mentioned already detailed a location I head to. The others are very likely considering my situation. The negative ones (they scare us all don't worry) can help prepare you to avoid bad situations!

  • tzwils1

    Two predictions have passed.

  • bambam1966

    He's for real.

  • bambam1966

    He's great. Very accurate. His readings are REAL.

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