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Predictions (I call them Events). Compassionate and non Judgmental reader here. All are welcome!

*I do not offer Q&A* *No new clients for now*

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    *I do not offer Q&A* *No new clients for now*

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    *UPDATED DISCLAIMER* *Events are Random Subjects. You might want to know about Your POI but I see things you need to know about Your career choices instead* *These could Involve Future Circumstances or People You are not aware of Yet, an example: You will be invited to a wedding, You are Thinking, I don't know anyone getting married, a few days later your phone rings and it's your friend, she is getting married* *Another example: Susan asks you to help her look at wedding dresses, You do not know anyone named Susan. A Few Months Later, Your friend Harry Meets Susan and she asks for your help to find a wedding dress* *Events may be Detailed as all Get out or Vague, I cannot control what comes in or how much I see* *A BIG misconception I hear a lot is that I see a LOT OF DIFFERENT MEN AROUND". If I see "a man" asks you to dinner and "a man asks you to a club" That does not mean 2 different men, It could but it more than likely is ONE Man, but I Just can't see his name* *Sometimes The Past does come in, Usually this is to inform you on Present/future choices, for example, did You make the right ones?* *THE MOMENT YOU START TO ARGUE WITH ME, THIS WON'T HAPPEN, THAT WON'T HAPPEN OR SHOW ME YOU DIDN'T UNDERSTAND HOW THE EVENTS WORK, THE CALL WILL END, IF YOU KNOW THE FUTURE, YOU DON'T NEED TO CALL ME* *Thanks for reading! Ps, Read my Reviews, Timelines I am told for events are Generally anywhere from a few mins to 2-3 Years, Also when you call, I will need the code word: signal, This tells me you really read this*

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    *RETURN CLIENTS* *10 Events for $85, NOV AND DEC* *After, You can purchase 5 for $60 if you do not win 5 for $25 or $25 Off. 10 of course can be purchased for an additional $85* *20 Events for $150 is always Available*

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Terry Mitchell‘s reviews

  • runningawayagain

    Thank you!

  • bambam1966

    He always gives you the TRUTH.

  • bambam1966

    He tells you the truth

  • bambam1966

    Terry is AWESOME as usual. Always gives truth.

  • lpp

    I felt that I connected to the events called out by Terry. Thank you for the forewarning about a false friend. I have been working on weeding people out of my life. Stay awesome!

  • veevee427

    Thank you : )

  • kaarab25

    Always a good session . Thank you so much for everything

  • anonymous


  • bambam1966

    Terry is the BEST psychic there is, and his events have really happened in my life, he is so helpful! Ty so much Terry!!!!

  • bambam1966

    His events are real. He is the most reliable psychic ever.

  • dascallie

    Always informative!

  • dascallie

    Never ceases to astonish--how does Terry carry on in everyday life with all this coursing though his head? Magical!

  • dascallie

    Mind blowing — what an unbelievable gift!

  • bambam1966

    He gets down into the nitty of the gritty folks. Always an informative reading.

  • n7906

    I love every time i come here for Terri he is amazing:)

  • lifeishilarious

    OMG! that was soooOoo cool. I was genuinely curious on what he would see… and wow he picked up events w my ex and even gave me answers to questions I didn’t ask. Most of the events happened to be ones from the past but with his interpretations, it confirms to me that I am making the right decisions and on the right path. There are two future ones he saw that were really specific and random - itll be cool to see them play out!

  • bambam1966

    Always very good. Terry's the best.

  • bambam1966

    He's the best psychic I've ever seen. Very caring too.

  • dascallie

    This man is a sterling REAL DEAL ASTONISHER. He pulled my late father's name out of the blue with a connection to my beloved grandmother (my dad's mother) both of who are on the other side. My father's name is one you would probably not guess if you had 500 tries. Have no doubt about Terry--he is a phenom*****

  • bambam1966

    Awesome psychic, takes personal interest in his clients. :)

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