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$4.99 / minute

Predictions (I call them Events). Compassionate and non Judgmental reader here. All are welcome!

*I do not offer Q&A* *New Clients, 5 Events for $35*

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    *I do not offer Q&A* *New Clients, 5 Events for $35*

  • Experience

    *YOU WILL NEED TO READ THIS IN FULL BEFORE I WILL EVEN START A READING* *OUTCOMES: You and John Reunite and discuss why you Broke up. You and John are Together NOW, Not Broken Up! I see Outcomes, Not current Situations, Clearly You are heading for a Breakup and Reunion* *NAMES OF PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW: I read The Future, Names (First and Last) Will come in, You won't always recognize them* *I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS GUY: Let me stop you right there, Events are Random, I cannot Predict (haha) what subjects will come in, Burning Questions about ..whatever, should be asked of a different reader* *YOU TOLD ME ABOUT A ROMANCE WITH SOMEONE NEW, NOT MY POI: I Read Outcomes, Not current situations, You already know what is happening, I read what will come of it* *GLOOM AND DOOM READINGS: Perception Matters. Telling a Client that her best friend would be getting married soon is good news to me, Bad to her as she wanted to be the first to get married* *THE EVENTS WERE SUPER VAGUE AND/OR MADE NO SENSE AT ALL: Sadly, That can Happen. Sometimes Events that do not make sense at all make perfect sense later, if You NEED everything to connect, call someone else* *TIMELINES/ORDER: Clients have reported Events happening in as little as a few minutes to 3 Years, Events are often out of Order as well* *I NEED CLARIFICATION: Sure, Let's chat after the Events have been read, I cannot look for Names that didn't come in or Provide extra Information though* *I HEARD YOU ASK FOR A SILLY CODE BEFORE READING EVENTS: Not only is it important that you have read the disclaimer to fully understand how the events work as they can be very confusing the first time, Its important to me that I have a new and honest client, The code is Whovian* *JUST A NOTE, I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS*

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    *RETURN CLIENTS* *10 Events for $85*

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Terry Mitchell‘s reviews

  • bambam1966

    His events are on spot every time.

  • saalabdulla

    Great reading

  • galveias79

    So wonderful am so honoured to have finally been able to have him share events with me ♥️

  • bambam1966

    Omg such a happy reading! For all those who might be getting hard truths, persevere, pray, try to avoid the evil, and you will come through to the bright side! Terry is THE best!

  • bambam1966

    Tells the truth

  • bambam1966

    He's a great psychic.

  • akayg17

    Thank you!

  • bambam1966

    He tells the TRUTH. Harsh though it is.

  • bambam1966

    Always a great reading.

  • bambam1966

    Terry's events happen. He's a great advisor. That's why I come back. He also helps with bad events to make your life better, which is why we're here. Ty terry.

  • amy9764

    Events that actually come to pass. The only one who is capable of reading for outcome and not just the current general energy.

  • alohalene07

    I came to Terry in September 2021. I waited until yesterday to communicate with him again. I can tell you this guy knows. Out of 10 events he initially read for me, about 5 or 6 of those came to pass. Please believe me when I tell you, he's the real deal. I don't often comment and did not until now. I wanted to wait if anything would happen...after going back to our initial chat I was blown away by the facts. If you are debating whether to go to Terry or not, don't think twice!

  • bambam1966

    Great reader. Always knows what's really happening.

  • bambam1966

    He's a great psychic.

  • anonymous

    Terry immediately started typing and nicely numerated each event. He is clear and concise. His profile is on point. Glad we connected!

  • rach29

    quick and communicates clearly

  • bambam1966

    He always has my back, something I really needed, a true friend. Ty terry and yes, truthful readings.

  • bambam1966

    His events are always on point

  • mm2303

    Time will tell

  • mm2303

    Very nice and to the point

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