Terry Mitchell

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$10.99 / minute

Predictions (I call them Events) Connected to Your Present or Future, Honest, compassionate, non judgmental using The Scrolls of Ara and Lots (Dice).

*NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $25* *10 Events for $50* *You must read the full disclaimer before calling me or I will not read events for you* *I do not offer Q&A as a service*

Special offer

5 Events for $25, 10 Events for $50 (New Clients only)

  • Location

    Las Vegas

  • Description

    *NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $25* *10 Events for $50* *You must read the full disclaimer before calling me or I will not read events for you* *I do not offer Q&A as a service*

  • Experience

    *EVENTS DISCLAIMER* *I need The following Information to make this the most accurate Reading Possible: Your real first Name, Your sex, Your Orientation* *Readings cannot be focused on Specific People or subjects, whatever comes in is what You need to know, that being said, I can take 1 POI to look for just in case they come in, I need their real name and current relationship to you* *Events will often contain First Names but these may not be people you know NOW, Since Events have up to 2 Years to happen, Its very possible You will meet the people I speak of at a later date, If you do not believe this can happen, Simply read My reviews* *Events often will not "Resonate" with You. Events may also not be about YOU, They may be about people close to you that I can't speak with who need to know something, such as "Lisa will meet Bob who cheats on her and is abusive, Lisa ends up being Your newest friend, coworker or you know her now and can warn her* *Once Read I cannot answer questions about Events, Look for names that didn't come in or try to look deeper at the event to ascertain more information, You are told exactly what you need to know to handle what is coming but I can of course explain wordings or meanings if something isn't understood* *I tell the good and the bad, if you want only good, go watch Sesame Street, There are no Refunds. Also to confirm you have read the FULL disclaimer I need the code "Dodo" when You call, I will ask for it*

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    *RETURN CLIENTS* *10 Events for $85* *You can add 10 more on whenever you want* *Return Clients in Good standing may win $5 to $30 off their Reading, It's random, Good luck* *There are Holiday discounts*

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Terry Mitchell‘s reviews

  • sexibeast

    he was good just waiting on things to get more clear

  • missyallure

    Terry is very direct and honest with his readings. And very specific to the point. Very warm and friendly too. Recommended!

  • amadeus42

    Very accurate. Honest and insightful. Highly recommended. Thanks again.

  • fire7

    Terry seemed to be connected. And he was generous with his time. I will consider his advice on things and wait and see if his predictions come to pass.

    Advisor's reply


    Thanks for the chance!

  • kimireyes

    First reading with Terry, it was a good reading just wish I could have gotten more information. But he was still good. Thanks!

    Advisor's reply


    I have since honed my abilities to be able to see more names, id youd like to come back!

  • cdonavon

    Terry has talents different than my own, but he is a gifted and talented reader, recommended.

  • jadelady

    He has a very warm aura. his readings are interesting, and make me think..i just have to see if they come true and then . he did pick up something i suspected

  • helenabotha

    very straight and to the point !^^

  • mindi

    I had extreme difficulties because of technical problems - absolutely no reflection on Terry at all! Reading was good, but I idn't feel that I personally was supposed to be here for some reason. Thanks for your timeTerry:)

  • justbreathe

    Wow, I am very surprised with everything that was seen today! It really makes sense to me, especially with the things I've been thinking about recently. Thank you for your time Terry! I appreciate it! :) God Bless!

  • buttons

    eat guy straight forward told me the truth as is is now gave me future predictions and was generally a lovely guy to spk with no pressure very relaxed and asy to spk with appreciate hsi honesty

  • charm4

    Gave me a good place to start.

    Advisor's reply


    I am seeing that your item is now mobile...

  • luckystar1

    good reading

  • s001001

    gave me a wealth of info to chew on, will update as predictions unfold

  • lucky3

    great reading

  • julee

    good reading thankyou

  • anonymous

    very true and honest

  • anonymous

    patient and precise.

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