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$10.99 / minute

Predictions (I call them Events) Connected to Your Present or Future, Honest, compassionate, non judgmental using The Scrolls of Ara and Lots (Dice).

*NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $25* *10 Events for $50* *You must read the full disclaimer before calling me or I will not read events for you* *I do not offer Q&A as a service*

Special offer

5 Events for $25, 10 Events for $50 (New Clients only)

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    Las Vegas

  • Description

    *NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $25* *10 Events for $50* *You must read the full disclaimer before calling me or I will not read events for you* *I do not offer Q&A as a service*

  • Experience

    *EVENTS DISCLAIMER* *I need The following Information to make this the most accurate Reading Possible: Your real first Name, Your sex, Your Orientation* *Readings cannot be focused on Specific People or subjects, whatever comes in is what You need to know, that being said, I can take 1 POI to look for just in case they come in, I need their real name and current relationship to you* *Events will often contain First Names but these may not be people you know NOW, Since Events have up to 2 Years to happen, Its very possible You will meet the people I speak of at a later date, If you do not believe this can happen, Simply read My reviews* *Events often will not "Resonate" with You. Events may also not be about YOU, They may be about people close to you that I can't speak with who need to know something, such as "Lisa will meet Bob who cheats on her and is abusive, Lisa ends up being Your newest friend, coworker or you know her now and can warn her* *Once Read I cannot answer questions about Events, Look for names that didn't come in or try to look deeper at the event to ascertain more information, You are told exactly what you need to know to handle what is coming but I can of course explain wordings or meanings if something isn't understood* *I tell the good and the bad, if you want only good, go watch Sesame Street, There are no Refunds. Also to confirm you have read the FULL disclaimer I need the code "Dodo" when You call, I will ask for it*

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    *RETURN CLIENTS* *10 Events for $85* *You can add 10 more on whenever you want* *Return Clients in Good standing may win $5 to $30 off their Reading, It's random, Good luck* *There are Holiday discounts*

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Terry Mitchell‘s reviews

  • sades

    His predictions keep happening !!

  • espat2020

    He was quick and to the point. Wow! Can't say accurate because things have yet to be unfolded. I will look out for these. Thank you very much for the insight.

  • anonymous

    Terry was scarily accurate with his events. Really good and events in the past have come true. Thank you.

  • kob999

    Seems lovely

  • rigatonisauce

    Very realistic events and I'm excited for most of them to happen :) The ones I'm not excited for, I am at least prepared for!

  • mrojas

    Different but good, can’t wait!

  • sades

    Really like terry ! He is golden advisor and super kind and sweet and only one to ever take his time to message me when I contacted him before :)

  • janseme1986

    Thank you. The keyboard on my phone was not coming up in the chat for me to respond. Thanks though.

  • bribrijo

    always the best

  • mike881

    reviews were detailed, felt like some of them i could see happening and with whom. Enjoyed the time and look forward to seeing what pans out, cheers

  • lusow234

    Wonderful. Amazing. Many thanks!!!

  • deeanndruh

    As always, super interesting! Terry's awesome. :)

  • addiemoon

    Meh, not sure. Predictions were kinda random

  • fashiondiva6337


  • sagi91

    VERY different reading, but in a good way. I'm looking forward to things he predicted coming to pass! Thanks, Terry!

  • bribrijo

    thx Terry. always the brst

  • dreadomo

    Very quick. All of my events were mostly centered around other people which was a little confusing. Most didn’t resonate with me at this time. Some definitely have me on the look out to help others.

  • sparkles00

    Terry was super fast with his events he saw for me. Extremely interesting to say the least. Ill definitely be staying away from anyone named chad lol. Thanks Terry

  • sades

    He is fabulous absolutely amazing !!! Wow

  • therese111

    im just blown away...speechless. really truly speechless. wow

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