Terry Mitchell

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$9.99 / minute

Predictions (Events as I call them) that WILL happen, Intuitive Q&A readings on any subjects using only myself and cleromancy (Dice), Honest, non judgemental & compassionate.

*NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $10* *10 Events for $40* *You can purchase a 10 Min Block of time for $60 or do Per Min for $9.99*

$10 deal

5 Events that WILL happen!

Special offer

New Clients Only-10 Events for $40

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    Las Vegas

  • Description

    *NEW CLIENTS* *5 Events for $10* *10 Events for $40* *You can purchase a 10 Min Block of time for $60 or do Per Min for $9.99*

  • Experience

    *EVENT DISCLAIMER* *When You call, I will ask for the following, Please be ready: Your real first name, Your Gender if Its not obvious, Your orientation (gay, straight) and a code which proves to me that you read the disclaimer in FULL, That is the word "Red"* *I love Reading the Events but they seem to cause so much angst and confusion sometimes from New Clients, I understand, They might not make any sense when You call, They could be Vague, There may or may not be Names included and even when there are names, It might be someone you don't even know Yet and that can be confusing* *If You have a BURNING Question, I HIGHLY suggest a Per Min Q&A Reading and Not Events, Also I cannot answer questions about The Events once read or look deeper at them* *Since I read THE FUTURE, Events may not match The Present or be about anything You are dealing with NOW, I also might see things that dont match the Present AS YOU KNOW IT, For example: James asks you to marry him yet you are dating Paul* *Clients call for Events to hear what is coming so they can know what to avoid or change, Events wont always be GOOD, If I see you on your cell phone crashing into a tree, I am going to warn you* *Lastly, Clients have reported Events happening in as little as an HOUR to 3 Years Later but in 25 Years, I have had ONE Client say they took Years, Most say, Weeks or Months* *THERE ARE NO REFUNDS So please make sure you have read and Understood how this works and are ok with it* *Remember the code I said I needed? Its not Red, Its actually the word "Full", This is just to make sure you read the Full disclaimer*

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    *RETURN CLIENTS* *10 Events are $85* *Per Min is $9.99 Per Min but You can Purchase a Block of Time for $60 which is 10 Mins*

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Terry Mitchell‘s reviews

  • divinet

    WOW!!!Amazing reading

  • imadoll1234

    Interesting I think everyone should try it at least once .. like he says free will but it’s interesting

  • monacali

    Terry always keeps me intrigued. It's so incredible when his prediction actually happen and I remember when he made the predictions. Can't wait to see how this all plays out because they always do.

  • reeas

    Fast reader, hope it will all make sense soon

  • redsox33

    I got an events reading last week. He told me to be extra careful on Monday (yesterday) when being outside. Well, I almost got run over (the car was speeding and came out of nowhere). Had I not remembered that advice to “be very aware of my surroundings and look both ways” I probably would have gotten hit. Excellent reading. I’ll definitely be back.

    Advisor's reply


    Super glad you are ok! Will always have your back, thanks so much!

  • tsturner24

    QUICK TYPING, straight to the point!

  • tunyecta


  • tunyecta

    Loved him I’ll be back

  • rosesmista

    Thank You Mr Terry looking forward

  • balkanca

    Thank you very much!

  • bambam1966

    Terry is a PROFESSIONAL fairy godfather. He's the BEST.

  • bambam1966

    Terry allows you to see your options for the future. He's the BEST at showing the way. He really is REAL.

  • bambam1966

    Terry is AWESOME. He names names, his events HAPPEN. He even guides you to a better future, which is why we're all here!

  • bibianking

    Very interesting, one came true already ( about the prom/ highschool dance but it was actually a festival with many high school kids going there) and i already suspected a mysterious figure hovering over me in sleep i thought i imagined it untill Terry confirmed out of the blue without knowing anything about me. Also about my home situation he was spot on. Thanks :)

  • rosyposy

    Fascinating! Can’t wait to see what happens

  • fenire

    10/10 will 100% come back

  • gy0813

    Straight forward and kind. I’ll be back soon. Thanks.

  • monacali

    THIS GUY IS THE REAL DEAL! Excellent is an understatement to describe Terry Mitchell. His predictions made complete sense with where my life is going and what to expect. I was very pleased, most of what he told me were events and concerns happening now & next few months. I came to him focused on my career and success. I purposely have avoided any kind of romance right now and I didn't think there was anything to know. I am so grateful Terry informed me of 2 situations I now feel prepared for handling when the time comes soon. I have never felt so at ease and received so many answer in such a short time period. By the time my reading was finished. Terry was so compassionate to ensure he had delivered enough information for me to choose the right career for myself. THANK YOU THANK YOU! AMAZING!! Many Blessings ;)

  • noey


  • angelic.charminista

    Came back cause he's so honest !