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Psychic Insight

$0.95 / minute

Psychic Medium & Healing, Tarot, Spiritualism

$10 deal: 12 Get answers to Love&Relationship and many more.


$1.50 / minute

Dating and Relationships, Relationship Coaching ...

Special offer: First 3 minutes free for you to outline your question to me

Sandra Smith

€1.00 / minute

Astrology, The Occult, Tarot

$10 deal: One question and one three card reading


$1.99 / minute

Love Guidance, Psychic Medium & Healing

Special offer: 20 dollars intensive healing to balance your chakras, remove blockages

Bridget's Fire - Claudia Neely

$0.69 / minute

New Age, Spiritual Coaching, Tarot

$10 deal: Three card Morgan Tarot draw for $10 - no time lim


$1.20 / minute

Love Guidance, New Age, Spiritual Coaching

$10 deal: Spend $10 on chat and I'll send you a free eBook.

Special offer: Pay $30 upfront and chat up to an hour (subject to prev. appointments)


$1.59 / minute

Astrology, Spiritual Coaching, Tarot

Special offer: Receive an empowering letter by email especially for you for 29USD

Love Visualizations

$1.99 / minute

Astrology, Tarot, Argentina

$10 deal: 15 minutes of reading


$1.99 / minute

New Age, The Occult, Tarot

$10 deal: No deal available.

Special offer: Enquire for details