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Intuitive relationship counselling + tarot readings general. Specialise in seeing peoples patterns and templates that need working on to create relationship harmony.

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20 dollars intensive healing to balance your chakras, remove blockages

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    Intuitive relationship counselling + tarot readings general. Specialise in seeing peoples patterns and templates that need working on to create relationship harmony.

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    My name is Sarah Louise and I specialise in helping you grow. Everything is energy and we are no different, a lot of the issues we encounter in life is due to something we need to work on internally. I prefer to read with advice, a current guide and how you can work on moving forwards and possible outcomes, please don't come to me for very specific predictions and timings, I believe time is fluid and depends on soul growth and some outcomes are more fixed than others. I want to help guide people to work on their issues they need to fix more than give out a day of contact or when you will get married, so please bare that in mind before contacting. I am more focused on intuitively guiding you to heal yourself, realise your own power, and attracting what you deserve into your life. *edited for content in violation of our terms of service*

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    For me spirituality is a passion as I also work as a freelance advertising photographer, I am a reiki master connected to the guardian of the Reiki Energy Dai niche nyorai and his feminine compliment twin flame Dai Marishi Tenaaand the first Reiki Master on earth Wai Chi This Reiki is called The Heart of Divine Fire. METATRONIC HEALING PRACTIONER, which removes stories from the cellular memory SIVANANDA YOGA TEACHER TRAINING CERTIFICATE RELATIONSHIP REINVENTED COACHING CERTIFICATION AND ROOT CAMP CERTIFICATION P.S My picture is real, I think it is important to see who you are connecting to and I like to put up my real picture.

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TEMPERANCE‘s reviews

  • kaij38

    I Love my reading

  • ranj1000

    Amazing lady, gave me important insights for my current situation, I actually feel more empowered :)

    Advisor's reply


    so happy to have helped you today thankyou <3

  • paida

    so empowering its not all about the wat u want to know but how you can get better self improvement

    Advisor's reply


    <3 lovely to read for you xx

  • jun1234

    Hi thank you for the read very detail and I greatly appreciate it :)

  • paida

    im speechless worthy try her felt like she knows me to deep

  • bunnyqueen

    fantastic reading and healing session, helped clarify where i was going wrong and gave me a lot of guidance, thank you

  • iwanttoknow

    Really great and different reading!!! I was going to disconnect because I didn't like what she was saying at first, but I stuck with it and it makes sense. Really generous with her time. Try her!!

  • monamona

    Great reading! Thanks!

  • anonymous

    She was okay, repetitive, rather slow, kind of made me feel negative

    Advisor's reply


    shame you left as you paid while i was laying out cards and was going to give extra time.

  • powerflower

    very, very good! picked up on the right things and gave a good advice! thank you!

  • mermaid81

    I'm very satisfied with my reading with Temperance! She was very accurate in what she read about me and my situation, and she was concerned with helping me get on the right path for my happiness in life and gave me great advice on how to do that. She was gracious enough to take time after my credit ran out to give me important information, which I really appreciate. This is not the psychic to come to if you want specific dates, she is there to help you see what is blocking your path and giving advice on how to get back on it. Can't thank her enough!

  • sarajka

    Was good reading thank you

  • flower89

    I enjoyed her insights for self healing. Also, appreciated the gift of her healing session! Thank you :)

  • anonymous

    lovely reading and lovley lady

  • shanstilts

    Temperance is always accurate and insightful! Thank you :)

  • peejay09

    Thank you for opening my eyes to see things clearer. I will be back with an update. Bye for now.

  • priscilla_

    Fast and connected quickly ! Thanks!!

  • hunterbrook

    Thank you for the reading and guidance. I'll be in touch soon.

  • doremi

    She is really good. Her reading is more toward focus on yourself and making things happen based on your consequences. Overall, I would recommend her to anyone. She is very generous with her time.