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advisor alex


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    LA, California

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alex‘s reviews

  • anonymous

    she’s so perfect

  • anonymous


  • anonymous

    She was great

  • adrena

    I am satisfied over all very good.

  • anonymous

    Love her!!! Amazing!!!

  • chakram90

    nice information - but took too long to respond. Didn't feel like i got a lot of information for the 15 mins i thought i was getting.

  • erikakc

    she was great, picked up perfectly on the person.

  • kalilou99

    Caring reader and answered all my questions xx

  • anonymous

    she’s an amazing women!!!!

  • anonymous

    Not good

  • anonymous

    amazing!!!!!! Love her

  • anonymous

    Love her!! She’s amazing

  • anonymous

    Fast typist. Connected quickly. Felt like she knew my situation very well. Very easy to understand. Confirmed some hard to hear truth. Offered advice and encouragement. Will re-hire!

  • ceci

    Thank you!

  • anonymous


  • lettygo17

    Honest and truthful. Hurts to get the truth but its what needs to be told sometimes. Thanks for clearing that up. I appreciate it!

  • anonymous

    Awesome. Thank you

  • libra_xoxo

    ..♡..Lovely thank you so much! Always so accurate and amazing. Always there for me and gives such great depth readings

  • libra_xoxo

    Thanks for the reading today doll

  • libra_xoxo

    •Thank you for the super honest reading. Thanks for being real. We need more reAders like that.