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*Love *Career *Marriage *Divorce *Drug addiction *Alcohol addiction *Abuse *Health *Past lives *Chakra balancing & Training *Energy work *Same sex relationships *Life coaching *Cleansing

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20 min !! career and love reading !!

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    LA, California

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    *Love *Career *Marriage *Divorce *Drug addiction *Alcohol addiction *Abuse *Health *Past lives *Chakra balancing & Training *Energy work *Same sex relationships *Life coaching *Cleansing

  • Experience

    i was nine years old when i had discovered my abilities, a beautiful yet tragic story, I was asleep in my room and My grandmother (Whom lived 5 states over) was sitting at the foot of my bed and tapped me on my ankle. I woke up and smiled and she put her finger against her lips and whispered "Shhh" I sat up and asked when she got there and she said that "I needed to keep my mom strong" I asked how? why? she replied with "Grandma has accomplished her mission here and its time for me to go on to the next level, Let your mom know that she needs to start your training now. Your time has come and grandma is leaving you with something very special" she then leaned in and kissed me on the forehead. I opened my eyes and it was the next morning and I hear my mother sobbing. I ran out of my room and asked what happened and she told me that grandma had passed away last night. I looked at her and said mom? how can that be? she was in my room last night? and i had explained what had happened. And that’s when my mother started my training which consisted of meditation prayer and chakra balancing. My grandmother and mother gave me the key to a new beginning… I may have the key to yours! Love & Light, Lilliana

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    clairvoyance, or ability to see beyond the range of ordinary perception, is a fact of life for my family, passed down through generations-not much different than traits such as freckles, dimples or the ability to curl ones tongue, I've known of my unorthodox calling since childhood

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  • anonymous

    she’s so perfect

  • anonymous


  • anonymous

    She was great

  • adrena

    I am satisfied over all very good.

  • anonymous

    Love her!!! Amazing!!!

  • chakram90

    nice information - but took too long to respond. Didn't feel like i got a lot of information for the 15 mins i thought i was getting.

  • erikakc

    she was great, picked up perfectly on the person.

  • kalilou99

    Caring reader and answered all my questions xx

  • anonymous

    she’s an amazing women!!!!

  • anonymous

    Not good

  • anonymous

    amazing!!!!!! Love her

  • anonymous

    Love her!! She’s amazing

  • anonymous

    Fast typist. Connected quickly. Felt like she knew my situation very well. Very easy to understand. Confirmed some hard to hear truth. Offered advice and encouragement. Will re-hire!

  • ceci

    Thank you!

  • anonymous


  • lettygo17

    Honest and truthful. Hurts to get the truth but its what needs to be told sometimes. Thanks for clearing that up. I appreciate it!

  • anonymous

    Awesome. Thank you

  • libra_xoxo

    ..♡..Lovely thank you so much! Always so accurate and amazing. Always there for me and gives such great depth readings

  • libra_xoxo

    Thanks for the reading today doll

  • libra_xoxo

    •Thank you for the super honest reading. Thanks for being real. We need more reAders like that.