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I have 15 years experience in Love & Relationship,Career, Dream analysis, Etc.

Clairvoyant, accurate and to the point Relationship, Finance, Career, Family: Get detailed answers to your questions. Find out what you really need to know. CALL NOW!!!

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15MUTES Twin Flame/Soulmate Reading 2020

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10$ by 15 min 30$ by 30min 50$ by complete reading no time limit.

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    Clairvoyant, accurate and to the point Relationship, Finance, Career, Family: Get detailed answers to your questions. Find out what you really need to know. CALL NOW!!!

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    There May Be Messages waiting for you…you’re just a click of a button away!!!!! Love Reading Relationship Reading Marriage Reading Stop Jealousy Stop Bad Habits (drinking, smoking, abuse, etc.) Help with Marital Situations Family and Children Problems Brings Financial Growth Restore Happiness Restore Clarity in Life Problems at Work

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    MSC Psychology.

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Light Of Love‘s reviews

  • anonymous

    I got cut off

  • mmora66

    It was an okay reading but she took longer than expected to answer things and gave very short answers. Just kept telling me to wait to see a change

  • leslie2116

    Very nice, wish there was more details with my reading but overall it was a good reading. Thank you for your time.

  • anonymous

    Good quick read

    Advisor's reply


    Thank you so Much God bless you my dear.

  • kiwigirl

    More for entertainment value and real connection. Very generic and not much information. I would be shocked if anything said came to pass.

  • doreenhsu

    ok reading, got a refund, thank you

  • anonymous

    I did not say excellent because things are yet to be. I feel very good about this as it was almost confirmations of my gut instincts. I have to say that the questions were answered bluntly and not time wasted.

  • tammers

    Good but I resented being called mean. I mean the guy left me without warning. I was with him for over 10yrs. Plus I’m dealing with a physical disability which is chronic and requires 8!hr brain surgery and this reader called me “mean"? I would welcome them to have or live with a chronic physical disability and constant live in anxiety over the fact if their partner will be back or not and have someone call them “mean"? Buddy I hope you don’t get a disability or someone u love get it. Think before you open your damn mouth and try to be more professional.

  • chasitylynn2001

    Refunded - thank you

  • prosperity32

    First read with advisor and on this site. Definitely made a prediction that was given to me by another on a totally different site. Answered my question so directly, that I ran out of questions. And with detail. I was pleased. Sees a positive outcome for me starting in the next 2 mos. I will be back with a follow up.

  • amdb79

    Wish there was a neutral grading , hate using unsatidfactory. Everything was going ok until she said poi and I would have kids. I had hysterectomy and he had vasectomy. Wish I could have kids, just not physically possible and adoption is not on the table. Very kind reader though, hope she connects better with others

    Advisor's reply


    you was hangout i want to say you will have kids but you will adopt kids. God bless you.

  • anonymous

    We will see. Very kind and fast but was just wrong about a pretty big thing. Time will tell. Thank you again

  • anonymous

    I know she is honest, yet not get me wrong, I know she is good...i just hope she didn't think i was desperate or anything. For me her energy was understanding, but maybe felt intimidated by mines...idk but to get to the point she is good, honest, and patient. I hope she looks forward for another visit...ill hold tight!

  • nub154

    Nice, kind, straightforward

  • anonymous

    It was ok but not details provided. Kept asking for more clear answers but i dont think I got the answers.

  • rita0517

    thank you!

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