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    Professional Psychic. 20 years experience.

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    B.A. (Hons) University of Toronto Associate Degree Psychology, Seneca College Trained Reiki Healer, Mind & Body Institute Toronto Very Worthy Frater, Societas Rosicruciana in Canada

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Andrew‘s reviews

  • anonymous

    Great reading! He’s quick and concise. Will be back for an update :)

  • phoenix1377

    I should have listened to Andrew long ago about him. His cards are unbelievably accurate. I've seen it over many years. Thank you Andrew.

  • janine1978


  • tristian

    This was my first reading with Andrew, and without asking any information about the situation, the cards that he drew resonated logically, which I feel is critically important to see in a genuine reading. Andrew also works really fast and doesn't waste any time; your question is asked and promptly answered. Thank you for this reading, Andrew.

  • piaban03

    Brilliant and fast as always . Generous with time too . Will update him .

  • latoya1977

  • latoya1977

    The BEST! Thanks Andy!

  • danir32787

    Andrew is great thank you

  • pocahontas_511

    Andrew reads with no details its quite impressive, it was very accurate and detailed and he is quick and generous with his time. Obviously predictions are yet to manifest but were given confidently. He also seems to have an overall high accuracy rating so I am confidently hopeful as everything he described evolving appears to be happening. I happily recommend investing in his service. I will be back to update, and will use him again. Thanks and blessings x

  • anonymous

    Best reader on here. I think that's all I really need to say. You want the truth.. Chick "Chat Now"... He's the real deal

  • anonymous

    ok ty!

  • piaban03

    Very good , straight to point , no information required and detailed . He gave me the predictions the whole picture and how things will work out .will update when that happens .

  • latoya1977

    My friend. :)

  • modelcoach

    excellent- his reading in september became true

  • lilsab

    Prediction came to pass. Andrew is always good with his cards and been a great friend since 2008.

  • aaminivea

    He is a very nice man..very kind and generous..

  • dcatcher06

    Very nice reading

  • tarosss67

    he did see a "no" - it was a NO. So andrew's cards are pretty on track for me :)

  • ebik

    Ive been reading with Andrew for a while now and unfortunately his predictions have just not happened. He is kind and always generous with his time however I do not think he is connected to my situation as his predictions keep getting pushed out and also outcome has changed. Thanks

  • houseofedwards

    Nice guy but unfortunately contact prediction did not come. Thank you for your time

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