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Predictions (I call them Events). Compassionate and non Judgmental reader here. All are welcome!

*I do not offer Q&A* *No new clients for now*

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    *I do not offer Q&A* *No new clients for now*

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    *UPDATED DISCLAIMER* *Events are Random Subjects. You might want to know about Your POI but I see things you need to know about Your career choices instead* *These could Involve Future Circumstances or People You are not aware of Yet, an example: You will be invited to a wedding, You are Thinking, I don't know anyone getting married, a few days later your phone rings and it's your friend, she is getting married* *Another example: Susan asks you to help her look at wedding dresses, You do not know anyone named Susan. A Few Months Later, Your friend Harry Meets Susan and she asks for your help to find a wedding dress* *Events may be Detailed as all Get out or Vague, I cannot control what comes in or how much I see* *A BIG misconception I hear a lot is that I see a LOT OF DIFFERENT MEN AROUND". If I see "a man" asks you to dinner and "a man asks you to a club" That does not mean 2 different men, It could but it more than likely is ONE Man, but I Just can't see his name* *Sometimes The Past does come in, Usually this is to inform you on Present/future choices, for example, did You make the right ones?* *THE MOMENT YOU START TO ARGUE WITH ME, THIS WON'T HAPPEN, THAT WON'T HAPPEN OR SHOW ME YOU DIDN'T UNDERSTAND HOW THE EVENTS WORK, THE CALL WILL END, IF YOU KNOW THE FUTURE, YOU DON'T NEED TO CALL ME* *Thanks for reading! Ps, Read my Reviews, Timelines I am told for events are Generally anywhere from a few mins to 2-3 Years, Also when you call, I will need the code word: signal, This tells me you really read this*

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    *RETURN CLIENTS* *10 Events for $85, NOV AND DEC* *After, You can purchase 5 for $60 if you do not win 5 for $25 or $25 Off. 10 of course can be purchased for an additional $85* *20 Events for $150 is always Available*

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Terry Mitchell‘s reviews

  • cap024

    My first reading with Terry and I liked his style! He was polite and offered a lot of clarification through out the events. I don't want to give excellent just yet because I'd like to see if any of them come to pass, BUT overall I'm extremely happy with the exeperience.

    Advisor's reply


    That is fair and ty for calling, hope to see you again!

  • anapi

    Interesting reading, will come back if events happen, nice reader

  • dangermouse007

    I'm not sure what to think really, events, chosen randomly, could happen anytime from now until 3 years from now. maybe a couple I can see happening, but the others I have my doubts about.

    Advisor's reply


    Nothing wrong with doubts, always a surprise when they happen :D ty for calling!

  • ataraxia999

    This was a different kind of reading for sure, good or bad time will tell. Thank you for reading for me.

  • mykelj

    Terry is kind and to the point. Make sure you read the description carefully before chatting with him. Will update if events come to fruition.

  • fatii

    Interesting reading, very interesting. I will update the review once any of the predictions come to pass, then hopefully ill return for more :)

  • lavenderjess

    I won't know if any of this is true as he states the events may not happen until years from now and things can change. There were specifics mentioned that don't resonate with my lifestyle either. It's hard to know, so I'll leave it as satisfactory.

  • les.p

    what can I say...all in description. you get some evets, may happen any time, may not. you pay for what he says in description, so ask yourself if you want that. edit: I'm not saying is wrong, I meant its a different type service than most other readers in here. EDIT. Still HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you are after this kind of service. Thank you.

    Advisor's reply


    Description does not say events may or may not happen. ty for calling though.

  • bribrijo

    Thx you

  • herrerja6565

    First time with him. I did the $25 for 5. I’ll have to see what happens.

  • mlg459

    He seems accurate however we will see about the predictions. Wish he could have answer more questions.

  • tzwils1

    Two predictions have passed.

  • oyb

    Lots of information - lets see what will come true :)

  • janseme1986

    Thank you. The keyboard on my phone was not coming up in the chat for me to respond. Thanks though.

  • addiemoon

    Meh, not sure. Predictions were kinda random

  • dreadomo

    Very quick. All of my events were mostly centered around other people which was a little confusing. Most didn’t resonate with me at this time. Some definitely have me on the look out to help others.

  • shalini0605

    Very different and interesting I will await the outcomes

  • sunnysideup

    Thanks for this insights!

  • susanne71

    A lot of things to look out for will have to wait and see what happens. Some of it makes a lot of sense though.

  • nancya


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