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I forgot my password and cannot login

There is a Forgot your Password? link in the login page. In there you will find multiple options to retrieve your password: via your Username or via your email address or via your PayPal in case you have used it before on our system.

My profile shows I’m offline and not available to chat

Make sure you installed BitWine Taskbar. It should show an orange icon on your desktop’s system tray, e.g. . You can download the Taskbar here if you don’t see the icon. If you see the icon but it is gray instead of orange, right-click on the icon and choose “Log in” or “Online” from the pop up menu. If the icon remains gray, read this

My BitWine icon remains gray (offline) and won’t switch to orange (online)

right-click on the icon and choose “Log in” or “Online” from the pop up menu. If this does not help, choose “Quit” from the menu, and restart the taskbar by going to your computer’s “Start menu -> All Programs -> BitWine Taskbar -> BitWine Taskbar

I’m having troubles associating my PayPal account to BitWine

See the video tutorial. (note: this video tutorial is using the old PayPal profile page. The classic profile page is still accessible via this link)

Log into your PayPal account:

1. In “My Account”, make sure your account type is set to Premier or Business. If you have a Personal Account, choose “Upgrade Now” (free upgrade)

2. Go to API Access located in “My Profile” page under Account Information column (note: if you have been upgraded to the new PayPal Profile Page you will have to click on see the classic profile version first)

3. Choose the “Grant API Permission” option (or “Add or Edit API Permissions” if you already granted permissions before)

4. If you see a line with Third Party Username containing the word “bitwine” – remove it and then click “Grant API Permissions” again

5. Enter in the API Account Username field. It is recommended to cut and paste this string to avoid typing mistakes

6. check the boxes of the following permissions:

7. Click “Add” (or “Save”)

Now, in your BitWine account go to My Profile tab and select the Payment Systems sub tab. If you never set up your PayPal account before, you will see a “PayPal account Setup” button. Click it and follow instructions. However, if you did set up PayPal before, you will see an error message saying your setup is incomplete and a link to finish the setup or a link to “Verify PayPal setting”. Click the available link and follow the instructions until you get to the the API verification page.

Important: Scroll down the page and click the blue “Verify Access” button

You should get a green confirmation “PayPal API Access successfully verified.”. You are now ready to charge money.

Still having problems? See the video tutorial Still having problems? contact us

BitWine Taskbar keeps showing ‘still connecting…’

Your firewall may be blocking the BitWine Taskbar from connecting to the Internet. Don’t despair, there are ways to fix this.

Allowing the Taskbar to connect to the Internet when running Norton Personal Firewall 2006:

Allowing the Taskbar to connect to the Internet when running McAfee SecurityCenter 2007:

Allowing the Taskbar to connect to the Internet when running Zone Alarm Pro/Internet Security:

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How to fix the “PayPal Setup Incomplete

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