Community Guidelines


Your use of the BitWine Site, Forums, and Blogs is subject to the Community Guideline listed below. We reserve the right to modify these guidelines at any time. These forums allow you to discuss your BitWine experience with other users. BitWine’s own marketing and business people regularly attend the forums, so your comments are indeed heard by the company. As such, you are certainly welcome to let us know how we can improve our Site or our ways of doing business. We love to hear your feedback!

BitWine Community Guidelines

The BitWine Network is an online community in which participants can find people to answer their questions on a wide range of subjects, from small to large and from simple to complex. BitWine extends an effort to make the community a safe and helping place by encouraging users to conduct themselves with integrity, decency, and respect. BitWine members are part of our community; members of any community must respect each other as people. In the spirit of upholding this belief, we at BitWine ask that you not become involved in any unwanted vulgar, offending, obscene, or sexual exchanges of messages. We will also not tolerate any attempts to attract or to harm young people in any way. Should you spot any prohibited and/or illegal behavior anywhere in the BitWine Network, please report this abuse.

BitWine Prohibits: