Rose M (taurusrose)

He is Nathaniel 04/01/99 we were best of friends I am Rose 04/28/1998 two years ago he met a girl and he stopped contact with me because of the girl. We had nothing going on. Have I lost him a friend forever or is there hope

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marva.lee (sunn10020)

Hello, Let me look into spirit and see if he will return and contact you . I will give you the truth and much more Live chat -I have specials . Blessings .

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SunTiger (mystic_suntiger)


It’s clear that you are feeling like the relationship is in a dark period and I’m sorry for you are feeling this loss but please know this is only temporary. Like the seasons of the year, this separation will change. While it’s difficult to imagine a hot sunny day when you’re shivering from the cold of winter, know that a new season is on the horizon. If you’d like a fully detailed reading, give me a chat!

Mystic SunTiger

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Psychic Advisor Autumn (advisorautumn)

Hi there, please come have a session with me so we can decipher and decode this together!

Wish you the best

Love And Light


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ღ Psychic Medium George ღ (psychicmediumgeorge)

❤️Hi, if you need any advice you can join me for a chat, and let Angels and my guides to bring you answers and guidance to your questions and your situation, and you can choose from my specials 15 mins-€30,20 mins-€40 plus free angel healing!!! Pls, join me for a chat I’m online now.❤️

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love serenade (lovemiracle)

Come to me i am here for you

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Miss tula (miss_tula)

call me.

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Christine Ramm-Matthews (naturalbornpsychic)

I am so sorry Dear One, but I do see that he has moved on through Dowsing. I even tried to see if there was any way that the two of you could be friends and she would not permit it and Spirit felt that this would be too difficult on your heart, which is very understandable.

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⭕️Love Healer⭕️ (


My name is Angelic Guide & I am known for being an Empathy. I can Feel what you are going through. I am able to Feel the energy around you. I’ll always leave you feeling Uplifted. Even when I provide the TRUTH you Don’t want to hear.

So, Lets have Chat and Unfold things for you in Private Reading Because this is a public place to discuss details related to your Private Life.

Kind Regards

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♥ Psychic Girl ♥ (love_connections)

yes there is a hope :)

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