DeeAnna Louise Tate (dennie)

Will I ever be happy again? In love with the man of my dreams? The man I so wish for? to feel love,be loved,give love,to love my girls? To be financial stable? To have a nice house in the country? have our horses and cattle? Travel to ropings? Will I ever have any of this?

over 9 years ago

jenny Fardell (garnetta)

Love yourself. Look at all the things you have done, no matter how small and trivial they seem to you. They are all positive things working towards self fulfilment which is the key to finding the love you dream of. It’s often a catch 22 situation because when your dreams are telling you this is the only way you’ll find happiness, the little everyday things which could be used positively towards your goals become irritating and feel like a burden. When you’ve brought up children life and dreams and hopes can seem distant and like grass is greener. it can also seem like you are older and tied down with kids and less likely to find a partner. The plus side of being older is that you know what you want and can judge relationships better, and can judge characters better. I would advise you try a dating service of good repute, being completely honest about who you are and your expectations. Or, if it’s viable, have a horse share with someone at a riding stables? I know some stables offer part rent, part voluntary services. I know it’s not quite the same, but it might be a step towards something. You might meet the right sort of contacts. The other thing you could do, if you want to move, is look into sharing a country place. Or moving into a self-sufficient community. But you may not feel this is suitable with children. However, it might be good to have a complete change and fresh start. I feel you are bogged down with everyday running backwards and forwards for the girls, and you need to find yourselfand you perhaps resent the situation you’re in? There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s your circumstances and as long as the girls don’t feel it’s their fault then you are allowed those feelings. But not to wallow in them! It’s time. Time to find yourself again. Once you are your own person, you will have a natural attraction which will draw people towards you (maybe that man!) and give you a sense of self worth and value as a person in your own right. Hope this gives you some pointers. x

over 9 years ago

Love ❦ Soulmate Expert (psychic_n_healer)

Hi there , I would be happy to help you right away.

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Please be advised that the answer you receive may not be what you want to hear, but I cannot work any other way. I will deliver my answers with respect and caring. I am here to help you. The result of any reading can be emotional, and the work that I do is meant to help guide you.

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over 9 years ago

Art (smartadvice)

dear dennie, these are all very good questions. and there is indeed an answer to your conundrums about your future love life. you would be immensely helped by a reading. so please find me in chat. thanks, art

over 9 years ago

Angel Sound (clairvoyantvision)

the answer sometimes is within yourself. Give me a call so we can chat more.

over 9 years ago