Karen (windstorm)

so a situation w a guy idk if he’s being one way or the other . I have that box of his stuff ready to give back & that heartfelt but blunt note. & Even have been by his place to drop it off but something says..wait..not yet. .. I also know mercury retrograde is coming & I’m finding Im reacting the way it says my sign should . & have been already.. & that hes a sign that could react from it too & his behaviour is matching how his sign should react. So I read that decisions & all should wait until after everything is over . Idk if anyone can tell if what we both are going through now is just the effects of M.R. & messing us up or what? Thank you

2 months ago

LadybugTarot (ladybugtarot)

Karen, I pulled a Tarot card for you. Your card was the 8 of Pentacles. Yes, consider what you know about astrology when making decisions in this case.

If you would like me to dig deeper, I’m online daily. Check my profile.


2 months ago

Jade (everclear)

hey karen – it showing here that you are feeling a bit sentimental/emotional over this.. even if technically ready to give stuff back. it shows you just wanted to make sure you weren’t rushing ahead too much.

feel free to contact me for a detailed read.

Jade XX

2 months ago

Pixie Dust (pixiedust28)

Hey Karen,

I can give you a clear and honest assessment of the energy between you and any insight you might need regarding the direction of the connection.

Bright Blessings, Pixie

2 months ago

LoveSizeMedium (lovesizemedium)

I can help(:

about 1 month ago

April Arcturian (divinitymagnet)

Hi Karen! I am seeing that your intuition is spot on and your feelings are aligned with your intuition. The only reason you have been feeling to “wait” is because your heart truly does care for the guy… He doesn’t feel the same… I can dive a bit deeper in a reading so lmk if you are feeling called to work together!

about 1 month ago

GodsMessenger (spiritualjade)

If your gut says wait, i would wait <3>

Because i dont feel like you want endings but you want closure. So, i would just give it time til you feel ready for this, and then go from there. You can message me with any questions always x

about 1 month ago


Hello I am here for you. Send me a message.


about 1 month ago