Who is good with timings here?

2 months ago

Jade (everclear)

i do general near-future timelines, read based on the current engery of the situations. most readers would probably agree that because free will and the ebb and flow of the universe are always at play—exacts and dates and times can never be set in stone.

if you’d like an accurate tarot reading based on current energies + predictions—contact me.

Jade XX

2 months ago

Nashie (nashie)

I see deadlines but always warn that they can change depending on each person’s free will and choices.

2 months ago

GodsMessenger (spiritualjade)

The way an intuitive individual gets timelines is usually by looking for a certain amount of activity connected to a specific emotion within the year moving forward, and pinpointing around where along the timeline of a year that is. Sometimes God will be kind enough as to reveal a time and day, down to specifics but it is often more of a ‘pool’ of energy in that timing. if that makes sense.

Any timeline read will be varied because like Jade mentioned God has given us free will especially in the matters of the heart so we can truly work through our heartspace with sincerity.

Sending love and prayers to you.x

2 months ago

April Arcturian (divinitymagnet)

I have had several clients tell me that my timing is on point… it has definitely taken me several years to strengthen this ability…

about 1 month ago


Check out my reviews, I am known for accurate timelines. Message me (:

Love and Light


about 1 month ago