I’m palavi 5 nov 1998 asking about Jacques 7 oct 1994 will he reach out to me?

8 months ago

Pixie Dust (pixiedust28)

Hi Palavi,

I would be happy to provide you with the answers to your questions about Jacques. If you take a look at my profile, you will get an idea of the kind of reader I am and the years of client feedback in my reviews. I pride myself on always providing honest and compassionate insight without generalities or vague descriptions.

I look forward to hearing from you! Bright blessings! :) Pixie

8 months ago

Maria Grey (visionsbypsychicmaria)

Hello! I will have to connect to the higher divine spirits for a question like this. I can give exact time frames for you too! Come chat with me for a session.

Kind regards.

8 months ago

Psychic Bright (elizalove)

yes, he will reach out to you, but it will take time.

Join me in private and get full insight into this.

thank you

7 months ago

Mrs. Third EYE (spiritualadvisorsara)

Hello it would be my pleasure to help guide you and give you the clarity you need with him i specialize in all matters of the heart I do see that he will reach out to you but there is blockages currently causing him to hold back if you would like a full indepth reading contact me today i do offer several different Daily Specials Blessings to you!

7 months ago


Hi Dear,

Nothing is Stronger than The Love you once Both Shared. He will be Acting Hot & Cold as he is Walking on Wrong Path my dear, But please take this Time to Reconnect with Your Love. I Will Guide Your Way and lead you back into Love’s Arms Again

So my dear, Feel Free to Call me as this is Public Place to discuss details Related to Your Personal Life.

Kind Regards

6 months ago

Malù Tarot (maluclarividencia)

If you want to have a completely accurate reading and that you remember the interpretation, you can join my chat

5 months ago

Psychic Insight (truepsychicinsight)

I don’t see reconciliation here

4 months ago

Lauren Margaret (mindfulmystic)

Hi dear I can help you . You can join me in my chat room:)

4 months ago