Hi when will i find new love/ boyfriend. My dob 4-13-77

2 months ago

*Love Specialist* (spirtual_advisor_nonah)

Hi Sheyliv, I ‘m online come chat with me! :)

2 months ago

Clara Love Reader (slurpuff22)

I do see this man is about to finally enter your life, it shows me it’s like you’ll say to yourself this man showed up when I really needed him the most, that’s why everyone in the past always hurt you somehow or let you down, but I do see this next man is the right and the true man who was born to love you only. I also see someone from your past resurfacing same timing lol but don’t worry. I’m online 10:30 PST usually blessings talk soon!


2 months ago

Ms. Emma (anastayshia)

hello dear and welcome and thankyou for your question and im seeing you are to meet some one new in the month of june im on line if you want to talk.

2 months ago

⭕Angelic Guide⭕ (


NO One is meant to be ALONE. we are all made in PAIRS. It’s just we made some bad choices and that’s what delay things. Let me Guide You to walk on Right Path which going to lead you to your Soulmate.

So my dear, Feel Free to Call me as this is Public Place to discuss details Related to Your Private Life.

Kind Regards

2 months ago