Karishma Kumar (kari09)

I apologise I have posted quite a bit on here. But I really wanted to know what everyone thinks of spiritual connections? Is there really Such a thing as a spiritual connection with someone, that you can here them speak in your head? Not always with you but maybe conversations with others they have about you. Or am I just going crazy? Because this happens to me all the time and I always felt I’m going crazy…. Anyone? And I sometimes seem to know already when I find out later. It mostly with my ex but also with friends and family sometimes. I feel like my ex lives in my head (reason why I think I’m going crazy) This is really important for me to know…

9 months ago

Sophie Lovecraft (sunshower)

Yes, & it’s a soulmate connection, but there are different types of soulmates, btw.

I would love to look into that more deeply in private with you!

But just have Patience, & yes appreciate whatever telepathic connection you have with these people.

9 months ago

Jess Wynn (blackwidow_81)

I have conversations with my boyfriend in my head. I call out to him, we talk…..I have a strong connection with others as well. Its not crazy or weird…..telepathy is amazing. I thought I was off my rocker but it just another gift I have developed. Love and light mamaz

9 months ago

marva.lee (sunn10020)

Hello, It is soul mate connection and i can give you ufll insight and details , I see a lot through spirit . I read the person and his thoughts . . Come in and let me help you . Live chat . Blessings

9 months ago

Psychic Kimberley Ann (psychic_laura1)

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9 months ago

SunTiger (mystic_suntiger)

Karishma Kumar ~

It definitely happens and that connection is happening on both sides. Sometimes (example: due to ego, or due to the fact that he has made decisions he regrets, or due to other things that he might not be proud about and wants to hide from you – he won’t admit that he is thinking of you as well.) Yet while the other party isn’t admitting that he is thinking of you – isn’t moving in your direction – you are feeling the connection. Dreaming it, even.

You feel the connection even when you first wake.

It doesn’t always mean you two live happily ever after, however. It just means you are connected and you sense the other person.


9 months ago

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