Hey everyone. So, can anyone familiar with cards pull just a card to see if this guy I liked for the longest is interested in me?. Miss him a lot. (His name is Larry , he was born May 26, he’s 28-29). I’m 21 years old. Thanks.

10 months ago

♥ Psychic Girl ♥ (love_connections)

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10 months ago

❤️LovePsychicErica ❤️ (lovepsychicerica)

Hi My name is Erica I would love to help you regarding this situation I can pick up on any matter I will work through name and dob. I will not give you false hope all of my readings are very direct detailed & honest I don’t feel you should wait any longer please contact me now

10 months ago

TwinRoses (twinroses)

Contact me and I will be able to help. Your guides are pointing you in his direction and he is on your mind for a reason, a karmic connection.

10 months ago

marva.lee (sunn10020)

Hello, Let me look into his spirit and see what his thoughts are , if he is still interested in you and much more On line now -Live chat I will give you the truth Blessings

10 months ago

Soulmate Consultant (soulmateadviser)

Hi, so it feels like the energy is very intense between you two, this man has feelings for you, despite everything thats happened.

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9 months ago


Hi Dear,

Nothing is Stronger than The Love you once Both Shared. He will be Acting Hot & Cold as he is Walking on Wrong Path my dear, But please take this Time to Reconnect with Your Love. I Will Guide Your Way and lead you back into Love’s Arms Again

So my dear, Feel Free to Call me as this is Public Place to discuss details Related to Your Private Life.

Kind Regards

9 months ago

advisor rose (aurorarose)

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9 months ago

Psychic Friend (psychic_friend)

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9 months ago

LoveSizeMedium (lovesizemedium)

I can help

9 months ago

ღ Psychic Medium George ღ (psychicmediumgeorge)

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9 months ago