Angela D (angelad1978)

Hi have had many readings and know one seems to be able to do acurate time frames and predictions, is there anyone out there that can honestly predict and it come true, time frames and all. Just been let down alot in my life, and just tired of getting my Hope’s up to just be let down again.

2 months ago

Tristan Valentine (tristanv)

Hello dear, most of us can get close to a time frame, but there is always “free will” that can change the course of what is to come, this is one someone takes a course of action that changes the outcome. Like say an advisor says you need to contact them by this time or not until this time and you do the opposite of what the advisor saw because you felt the need to “change the course’ it can cause things to be delayed or to never happen at all. I hope this made sense and helped

2 months ago

♥ Psychic Girl ♥ (love_connections)

One of my specialties are Love & Relationships. I have never been wrong when it comes to this field. Allow me to tune in to get to the core of your love life. AND don’t be worry you time is precious and i will help you tell you about your time frame.

2 months ago

Christina P (curious123456)

I found miss Toria to be accurate with time frame. Sometimes, effieK as well!

about 1 month ago