Ive gotten reading on my sudden break up. And asked if i was able to find a roommate in time and a good one.. but never really get an answer. Who can can help me with tjis. I have a month.. but im freaking out on being able to find a good one

over 2 years ago

marva.lee (sunn10020)

Hello,Let me look into spirit and see if you will find a roommate in time and a good one . I read the spirit and give you the answer what spirit show around you and your questions . I don’t, sugar coat , only give you the truth and much more . I have specials today . Blessings

over 2 years ago

☾✰Miss.Silvana✰☽ (readingsbysilvana)

hello audry I will be able to help guide you on the right path to find an appropriate roommate, we can find some clarity to this situation no need to stress Dear! ONLINE NOW! BLESSINGS -Silvana

over 2 years ago

psychic lauren (psychic_lauren)

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Priestess Kandi Ranson (priestesskandiranson)

Hello Audry,

Are you sure that you brought your questions to the right place?

Finding someone to share your home whom will be honest, kind, an okay fit to live with and actually pay their part of the bills is not an EZ task.

You are now taking on the roll of land lord. Do what land lords do. Make potential candidates fill out an application.

Call (or go see) their employer to verify their employment, and the length of time the applicant states they have been employee by that company or person.

Check their references. Actually CHECK them out. When you see a name and number there actually do a google search for the phone number and see who owns that phone number, before you call the number.

Have the applicant bring you an NCIC background check on themselves, which they will pay for. Require that the applicant’s background check can only be X number of days old. Normally Law enforcement agencies accept those background checks for employment purposes that are either no more than 10 (up to 30) days old.

Unless of course you would like to ask the applicant for a the fee and you run it yourself. Most states have a section online to enable anyone to run NCIC background checks on people through law enforcement divisions.

Make sure that you have a set of ground rules for your house mate. Print them out. Let the applicant read over them and sign a copy with the application.

This way the applicant can decide right away if they can “Live with you” or not. Also this covers you if at any time in the future that the tenant repeatedly breaks the house rules too many times or it becomes a problem (and you can produce evidence of the problems cause by breaking rules) you can have them evicted before the contract is up.

This all just scratches the surface. Read the Land Lord / Tenant laws in your state to find out exactly what it is your responsible for and how to handle situations as a Land Lord.

Follow the models of other Land Lords. You can find an example of a rental agreement used in your area, which cover your Land Lord / Tenant Laws online (If you don’t have one of your own laying around).

Remember, you can change, re-write, exclude or include anything relevant for your particular house in a rental agreement, as long as it doesn’t not break Land Lord / Tenant Laws of your state.

Different states have different laws for different kinds of rental situations. If you are renting to a room mate by the week, some places consider this falling under a “Hotel” type rental. In some states “Hotel” type rentals can be evicted much simpler, quicker and with much less hassles than a long term agreement rental.

It is going to be up to you to decide what type of rental you want to provide.

Remember You are looking for a suitable tenant as a Land Lord. Making friends with a room mate is great, but it’s business first. And after all it’s your house.

Only you can find a “Good” room mate. No psychic will be able to tell you if you will do what is needed to accomplish your goal.

Put your best foot forward .

Many bright blessings to you and yours.

(Food for thought: Have you considered actually renting part of your house out on that popular rental service? What’s it called Air something or another?)

over 2 years ago