The purpose of the Ask-a-Psychic forum is to allow clients to post their questions to BitWine advisors. Clients can ask questions they’d like to receive advice on in order to find an advisor who suits their needs.

This also gives advisors the opportunity to share their unique view on the client’s question. When a client finds an advisor who’s right for them, they can continue in a one-on-one live chat through the advisor’s page.

This forum is not for:
  • Discussing quality of advisors
  • Advisors to create posts advertising their services
  • Posting feedback about BitWine (though we do invite you to share any suggestions, questions, or concerns with us via Customer Support)
  • Tech support or customer support issues
  • Anything besides clients posting questions to advisors

To maximize the forum’s effectiveness and contribution to the community, we ask that you please stay on topic at all times.

Off-topic or abusive posts will be deleted by BitWine’s Community Management staff.

You can find our full Community Guidelines here:

We also encourage you to read our Advisor Terms of Service to get a better idea of our requirements from all BitWine advisors:

If there are questions or concerns about the forum, a specific post, thread or a client or advisor, please contact Customer Support and indicate your concerns and we’ll be happy to investigate further.

over 7 years ago