Dr Sunny Marie (drsunnymarie)

There are truly Good and Gifted Spiritual Counselors, Visionaries, Advisors, and Healers. However, unfortunately there is another side! Just like night and day, yin and yang, right and wrong. There are many out there that are fabricated, and hold not even an ounce of real spiritual Integrity! They make claims to know, but when put to the test fail miserably.

How can you know if your advisor is really who they say they are. Well I am going to provide you with some very valuable tools and full proof methods of knowing the difference. A truly gifted Clairvoyant, Visionary, Reader, Advisor etc. will have a sincere depth of spiritual integrity, the bible said, there where prophets, who could see the future, interpret dreams like Joseph. (actually got him out of jail and was first to the king)!

There were those who were personal advisors to the Pharisees that receive higher divine insight and clarity for the future. There Gifts came from the Divine Creator within them, not from books or learning from someone’s abilities. You either have it or you don’t, not everything that glitters is Gold!

“Beware of false Prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inward are ravening lions. You will know them by there fruits”(Bible verse) If you are truly seeking a REAL Clairvoyant, visionary, Advisor, Healer, or Authentic Reader you must look deep within yourself and let your gut feeling talk to you. Ask for guidance from your higher Divine self.

If they are using tools( crystal balls etc) it is all smoking mirrors. If your genuine and authentic you do not need paraphernalia! When your speaking with an advisor, if you feel intimidated or uncomfortable, fear in communication with your advisor or they over power you,if they are telling you you are in danger or trying to use fear to control you! If you feel manipulated, disengage! It is far to damaging to your Spirit and your soul! If you are Truly with a gifted soul it shows in everything they say and how you say it, and how you feel about what you are being told, listen to your gut feeling…It is Never wrong!. You can feel it! It radiates from that souls very being. They are blessed, and they have a higher sight.The guidance comes from Creator, not the self,it is a knowing, and this is a very powerful gift, not to be taken lightly and never misused and must be respected and used in only the most positive, considerate, regarding, discerning, integrity manor.

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You are dealing with peoples lives, hearts, and there very Soul.I am a counselor for a Crisis hotline. I have talked with clients that have been so completely devastated by someone telling them false information they have tried to take there own life’s, and being a crisis counselor. I see this more often then not! There are many that want to be psychic, but realistically are not. Truly you must connect into the heart and soul of the person you are working with to see them and truly help them.

Please beware of anyone using witchcraft, spell, or incantations. You can’t manipulate the Universe, and make someone love you against there own free will, or by creating deception. If you try it will come back on you The law states what you give out comes back. Creator has provided us with universal laws to bring you everything you need, and desire. Through your positive thoughts and intent, combined with vision, desire, balanced emotion and prayers! Yes, I said Prayers! Beware also of psychic vampires, that feed of your spirit, your energy and your life situation!

Plain and simple.If they are not walking in there highest regards of the Creator within them, they are not looking out for your best interest either, and there is no light in them at all! When you are truly gifted, and helping people with your God given gifts, you are looking out to protect the Spirit, Heart, Soul, Emotion, Mind, and Body! The light shines very bright and clear, you can feel it in your heart, soul and every aspect of your being!

You will see results and they will help you with one hundred percent of their gift. They will not hold back or use any mind games or feed of you or anyone else either! As LifeReader quotes “The health of the mind, body, and spirit and soul are deeply interconnected, and true healing and recovery requires a focus on all and, their relationship to each other. Unlock and fully realise the natural healing power of your mind, body, and spirit. Learn the natural practises and techniques that can reduce stress and anxiety, speed up the natural healing process, which leads to a more energised and empowered life!”

My “SOUL” purpose being here with LifeReader is “YOU”! As stated in my introduction…Her warmth, integrity and honesty compliment her amazing God given gifts of vision.You deserve honesty and help. The very best! After all that is what you are here for.

I am here for “YOU”!

Warm Regards Dr Sunny

over 4 years ago

Kimmi Lena (mystic...kimmi)

I do agree with you on most of this, however I do practice witchcraft..I am a natural born pagan..As far as tools go? Even my profile says No cards no crystals No BS. By Using witchcraft I do not try to manipulate the universe I do use nature as my tool..In order to “tap” into someone I believe the reading has to come from within you, not from a card or a book.

over 4 years ago

Kimmi Lena (mystic...kimmi)

I also believe one should stay clear of psychics who claim to do everything..Some put them self on a pedestal and believe they can walk on water.. To much ego can kill ones gift

over 4 years ago