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gypsy genie

Tarot readings. Psychic energy reading, crystal energy reading, dream interpretation, relationship advise, natural learning advise , child behavior issues. Buddhism information is free.

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10 card Tarot reading on subject of your choice.

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    murwillumbah, NSW

  • Description

    Tarot readings. Psychic energy reading, crystal energy reading, dream interpretation, relationship advise, natural learning advise , child behavior issues. Buddhism information is free.

  • Experience

    Twelve years as a home educator using natural learning methods, a natural gift for psychic reading, and the desire to help others. I discovered my psychic powers at age five.I am Buddhist & as the mother of six grown children I can help you with my experience. I make no wild promises. I have been a professional Tarot reader all of my adult life. I am much sought after at markets & on my website.

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    A long life time crammed full of experience of all kinds enables me to provide my services to you. I have experience with all kinds of situations, and have dealt with all kinds of people. Nothing is new to me.

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gypsiepsychic‘s reviews

  • zoe78

    one of the worst "readings" I have had. She was making it up as she went along. She didn't say anything bad, it was just all wrong and nothing that was detailed. I''ve never been married and like I said, I am not going to date an older guy then me who seems crabby-that's not who I date, Really? you can see engagement in future-of course you can b/c at soem point, it will happen. And also like i said no, I will not go back to school-I dont want to or have the $ to do again, just plain wrong. honeslty, it was so bad that I left the computer and went into the kitchen to eat. I would have hung up but I paind a flat $8 So mad when I waste money!!!!!!!!!!

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    I could see from the start she was not genuinely into it.

  • greatday

    I chat with her 2 years ago. all reader said, will come ture 3 months or end of year..blah blah. she said 2 years and maybe.. it was right. i wait 2 years but maybe with a guy. she doesnt sure coat. honest vision and reading. must try! but she will tell you truth!

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    Good client. :)

  • tanja

    lovely lady, good reading.

  • dezina

    Been sometime since I spoke with Gypsie. Nothing changes she is an awesome reader incredibly connected. Generous and caring person. Try you will not be disappointed.

  • kimberly12

    Very nice chat! Detailed...she took her time to actually look at sugarcoating! Honest and to the point! thanks a lot! I will return!! Thanks again!

  • imaginaryone


  • trische3377

    you must be ashamed to play with the feeling and life of people like that. I hope you re aware that you are destroying people's life by telling lies. the some questions you don t want to answer, but i cant understand what you are doing on this site if you can t answer questions. by the way you forgot to refund me my money.

    Advisor's reply


    You just won't accept an honest answer dear. You only want to hear what you want.

  • anonymous

    very good, thanks!

    Advisor's reply


    Thank you chiasm.

  • anolom

    Fast typist. Hopefully her predictions come to pass.

    Advisor's reply


    good client

  • masha113

    amazing- super sweet and helpful

    Advisor's reply


    excellent client.

  • sited31

    great reading

    Advisor's reply


    Good client. Doesn't push.

  • crcg

    A great advisor. Very focused and straight to the poing. Highly recommended. Thank you!

  • igster

    I would have liked to give her an excellent review but I thought it was mixed with some good and average points in her reading. She was patient, generous with her time, friendly and quite intuitive. She was quite precise at certain points but could be a bit more thorough in her answers and explain her reading a bit more, refering back to the cards explicitly but her reading was still quite good and reasonably priced.

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    Mixed? I picked up on her skin problems without her mentioning it.

  • pree89

    reasonably priced, she was direct and to the point and seemed assured of her predictions. thank you very much!

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    Good client. Thank you.

  • sweets

    such a nice lady to talk to. very accurate. thanks so much

  • cebstien

    Great reading!

  • anonymous

    excellent,good reader

  • dezina

    Excellent, Gypsie is the best on this site. Cant recommend her highly enough. Accuracy is incredible. Love her to bits.

  • dezina

    Excellent as always. Gives so much of herself. Highly recommmend

  • dezina

    So love this lady. She was right about my man. Highly recommend