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Matthew Dees

*Not currently working on bitwine, please catch me on bitwine's sister app, Purple Ocean.

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    *Not currently working on bitwine, please catch me on bitwine's sister app, Purple Ocean.

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    Policies Payments: I’m unable to accept transactions under $20. Any transactions under 20 will be refunded and the session will be ended. free minutes/time: Due to abuse, I no longer offer any type of preconnection. I will focus in, get a good hit and send over the charge request. Please be respectful of my time

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Matthew Dees‘s reviews

  • knduthie

    Great advisor. I’m sorry I ran out of funds

  • newlife20142

    appreciate all

  • pusingdah

    He is really good and honest with the readings. No sugar coating. His predictions have came through multiple times.

  • sara_linn


  • newlife20142

    thanks for info

  • anonymous

    Lovely guy- spot on my situation

  • sara_linn

    predictions came through

    Advisor's reply


    Thank you for allowing me to read on this situation. I'm sorry for the bad news :(

  • aaminivea

    He was one of the few people who was right about someone relocating in March...He is one of my trusted advisors because of his ability to pick up the current and immediate situation accurately and consistently

  • probablynot

    Matt is a kind and trustful guide. His prediction come to pass and while some events were unexpected, we had been able to see patterns that explain the outcome. All in all, great resource. He has been right more times I want to admit :)

  • gypsysoul

    Thank you Matt

  • kayjay


  • anonymous

    He was honest and really good and I'm glad with the good news he gave me, thanks hun ! I wanted to make things right and pay you for a reading finally, will update you again since that is around the same time I go to school and my daughter's birthday xoxo

  • newlife20142


  • cb40

    Sadly this is 3rd time I have had reading with matt, he told me completely opposite to other psychics. Each time he was very negative. The last time his time frame did not happen but I still gave him the benefit this time. He maybe right, if he is right I will change my rating to excellent.

    Advisor's reply


    I can understand how my honesty could come across as negativity. Wishing you the best!

  • kristin2

    Thank you for a candid reading. I appreciate your perspectives and they've helped me to see my situation in a new light.

  • armillary

    sorry for cutting short, great insights! UPDATE 2/26 Matt said he will try to meet early March, well he just asked to meet this Friday March 2

    Advisor's reply


    No problem, thanks for stopping in!

  • newlife20142

    appreciate the confirmation

  • joanna1185

    thank you

  • newlife20142

    thanka for clarifying all

  • ccart

    Matt ty so much for an accurate reading