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$4.90 / minute

Astrology, Love Guidance, Tarot

$10 deal: I Can Pick Up ON You Fast! No Details Needed!~!~!

Special offer: TarotCards55$ CrystalBallReading 75$


New advisor 21 reviews

$1.89 / minute

Astrology, Love Guidance, Spiritual Coaching

$10 deal: 15 min Love relationship,Career and Palm reading!

Special offer: Healing and remove bad energies in 100$


$0.69 / minute

Astrology, Love Guidance, Psychic Medium & Healing

$10 deal: 30 minutes reading only in $10...

Special offer: 12 Minutes reading with only $5. My 2nd&3rd Free Ebook Available too

Rev. Scott Carpenter

$0.99 / minute

Spiritual Coaching, The Occult, World Religions & ...

Special offer: First 30 minute session FREE!


$3.99 / minute

Love Guidance, Psychic Medium & Healing, Spiritual ...

$10 deal: One question answered (not area) with description.

Special offer: Per my beautiful clients requests: I am now back online 24 hours!!!


$0.65 / minute

Advice / Business Planning, Entrepreneurship / ...

Special offer: First three minutes free

Sapphire Tarot

$1.50 / minute

Love Guidance, Psychic Medium & Healing, Tarot

Special offer: In depth email reading for $15


$1.00 / minute

Psychic Medium & Healing, Spiritual Coaching ...

Special offer: Only specific holidays, specials are 10.00 unimited questions!