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Hayley Daniels-Lake

$5.99 / minute

Psychic Medium & Healing, Tarot, Love Guidance

Special offer: $50 for 10 mins, $75 for 20, $100 30. 1 month coaching package $300



$5.49 / minute

Love Guidance, Psychic Medium & Healing, Tarot

$10 deal: 10 min. INCLUDES intro!

Special offer: 30 minutes for $100. cannot use 10 dollar special at same time

Destiny Psychic Medium

$1.20 / minute

Psychic Medium & Healing, Love Guidance, Spiritual ...

$10 deal: Email reading on area of your choice

Special offer: Detailed Tarot Card Reading


Love Healer

$0.69 / minute

Astrology, Psychic Medium & Healing, Spiritual ...

Special offer: ***0.69 per min Special Rate***


$0.99 / minute

Astrology, Psychic Medium & Healing, Love Guidance

$10 deal: Get 15 min detailed reading call me

Special offer: Special Offer: Get 10min free after a purchase of $30 *must be used in

Psychic KatherineJ

$5.99 / minute

Love Guidance, Spiritual Coaching, Tarot

$10 deal: 2 Questions Answered In Detail.. No Free Readings!

Special offer: $50.00 Love Ritual / Soulmate Discovery


Mrs. Jones

$5.99 / minute

Psychic Medium & Healing, Spiritual Coaching, Love ...

$10 deal: Only for YES and NO questions. Very brief details.

Special offer: unlimited connection time, I take my time to make sure of connection

Rebecca Hetherington

$1.59 / minute

Love Guidance, Tarot, Spiritualism

$10 deal: No deal at this time

Special offer: no deal at this time



$5.99 / minute

Love Guidance, The Occult, Tarot

$10 deal: A 3 card tarot draw on one question for you!

Special offer: Special for a flat fee of $300 receive 30 readings.