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Jennifer Louise Hay

$4.50 / minute

Love Guidance, Spiritual Coaching, The Occult

$10 deal: Three direct questions over seven minutes.

Special offer: Free email advice with every 20+ minute reading. Call me for details!

Natalie Kauftheil

$4.99 / minute

Astrology, Love Guidance, Psychic Medium & Healing


$2.99 / minute

Love Guidance, Dating and Relationships, Psychic ...

$10 deal: 1 question

Special offer: 10 mins reading for 30

Elia Rodriguez

$2.99 / minute

Astrology, Love Guidance, Tarot

$10 deal: ☯New clients! Receive a 1-question tarot reading ☯

Special offer: ☯See profile for flat rates, best value for your money!☯

Samantha weaver

$0.50 / minute

Love Guidance, Meditations, New Age

$10 deal: First 10 customers get 10 dollar fixed rate! Hurry


$0.80 / minute

Love Guidance, Meditations, Tarot

$10 deal: $5-10Min $10-15MINS soul mate finder,call now,,,,,

Special offer: 2 mins free!!!!

Lady Aeslin

$1.99 / minute

Love Guidance, Psychic Medium & Healing, Tarot

$10 deal: I will advise 12 minute on your topic(s) of choice

Special offer: Tarot cards: 3 card spread $5/ detailed spread $8


$2.99 / minute

Love Guidance, Psychic Medium & Healing, Spiritual ...

$10 deal: One question, as much detail as spirit will give.

Special offer: $60 for half an hour prepaid, use time when you need.


$2.99 / minute

Love Guidance, Psychic Medium & Healing

$10 deal: 15 minutes