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Steffani Rhea

$2.99 / minute

Astrology, Love Guidance, Tarot

$10 deal: none at this time. check my profile for deals!


$0.75 / minute

Love Guidance, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Dating ...

$10 deal: $10 for 20 mins!!!! Need to know how he/she feels?

Special offer: $35 for 1 hour!!!!!

St John Baptist

$0.00 / minute

Love Guidance, New Age, The Occult

$10 deal: Listen to my message is a matter of life and/or de

Special offer: free open door into the kingdom of heaven {eternal life}

shirley demitro

$0.99 / minute

Christianity & Catholicism, Spiritual Coaching ...

Pauline Thomas

$1.75 / minute

Love Guidance, The Occult, Tarot

$10 deal: A detailed and informative and authentic love read

Special offer: $30 for two questions with great detail. I can also do new spells..


New advisor 296 reviews

$2.99 / minute

Love Guidance, Spiritual Coaching, Tarot

$10 deal: 8 Minutes to talk about whatever you'd like!

Special offer: 20 Min/$23 ($1.15/min)