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Welcome, I provide insights into your questions. I have natural ability. I'm a kind caring person who loves to help people.

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    Welcome, I provide insights into your questions. I have natural ability. I'm a kind caring person who loves to help people.

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    psychic readings love guidance career insight life path

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Valerie‘s reviews

  • mosweu

    a bit slow to respond but when she does she is great really.

  • mystkev

    Really good connection and very good information!

  • doug1

    Loving, helpful, kind

  • erikakc

    great reading. thank you so much for your time and insights.

  • anonymous

    She’s really good wow. A hidden gem

  • bluerms

    Confused but thanks.

  • lunarflight

    Another outstanding & most enjoyable reading. Many thanks!

  • lunarflight

    Highly recommend. Great clarity & detail. Many thanks :)

  • anonymous

    Good reading

  • tarosss67

    She picks up - slowly but fairly ok about the situation. I did ask fromwhat she saw ahead and that was what I could not get an answer about. No worries - thanks for trying

  • nancita

    Great reader and quick a must try.

  • zeza5

    Great reading. Thank you!

  • end.amaia

    Not connected with my situation.

    Advisor's reply


    This may have been miscommunication, As I was more focused on your question of new person.

  • rosesaregold29

    Val was so good, just like talking to a friend, she picked up on stuff, that could be right, and stuff I'd never know so I am very appreciative for the insight. Thank you again

    Advisor's reply


    Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Glad to help anyway I can.

  • gemstone2016

    Wonderful reader , beyond great. 5 stars and above. Picked up very well and very kind as well!

    Advisor's reply


    Wonderful to meet you and thanks for the review. I appreciate it very much.

  • parathy

    Excellent, so much clarity, thansk so much for the insights,

  • littlemg

    OMG! She is amazing! I feel like she delivered the honest truth and picked up on things accurately without prying for info. True psychic indeed. She was also very generous with her time and was kind enough to give me more guidance, which I am truly thankful for. I appreciate it lots! She is a big sweetheart. Thanks Val!!

    Advisor's reply


    Humbly honored thanks

  • laurelle

    Fun reader! PARANOIA crisis over for today!

    Advisor's reply


    Yes I try to make things light and happy. Blessings.

  • aishadhewar

    My second reading, and she is good, giving details and consistent with the previous one

    Advisor's reply


    Thanks for coming back!

  • jfuentes

    A true pleasure to talk to !!!!!! She connected so well and answered all my questions ....highly recommended

    Advisor's reply


    The pleasure is mine.