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Psychic Logan

I will astound you with an immediate forecast into your future. Which will illuminate your direction with the aid of a unique blend for Psychic - Spiritual & Clairvoyant reading?

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8 min reading into money, love & career!

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$10=8 Min or $20 for 15 min Reading into your love money & career!

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    I will astound you with an immediate forecast into your future. Which will illuminate your direction with the aid of a unique blend for Psychic - Spiritual & Clairvoyant reading?

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    I am a Natural born spiritualist who was born into the 3rd generation of my ancestors. I have been in the spiritual and paranormal field for well over 11 years now. I have trained across the world from India through various regions of the Mediterranean to expand my wide array of skills to help in various problems occurring in one's life born with the gifted veil I am able to connect to one's energy and emotions without any tools needed. The people I have helped in this lifetime are countless. You too can be apart of my guidance and healing today do not waste anytime chat today to better your life for tomorrow

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    INTRO TIME IS ONLY TO GET YOUR QUESTIONS & INFO! NO FREE ANSWERS! By using a combination of readings, I have been able to help many of my clients to rebuild and re-establish control of one’s own destiny in Romance – Relationship – Marriage – Job – Money & Etc! I have been able to master my skills with astounding precession, compassion and dedication that will show in my reading. Unsure if your significant other is your soul mate? Unsure if your relationship is going anywhere? Unsure of that career change you been wanting? Well call me and let me help you take control of your Life and Relationships, Permanently build, or Rebuild connections to your soul mate, life partner and/or any other important figures. Using the appropriate psychic media and life readings at your disposal, ensures that by the end of your session you are on your way to a powerful, personalized solution for a brighter future.

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Psychic Logan‘s reviews

  • jessder14

    This reading was completely off and inaccurate. We have previously connected but not this time.

  • littlelisa91

    Idk about this one

  • ittybittypd

    pretty bad ! one day i'ts yes I am sure says Logan. Another day is I dont know it depends on the stars. things change. Then why call yourself psychic.

    Advisor's reply


    You keep going against my advice and expected our results to be the same.

  • sunshine101

    Didnt felt he connected at all with my situation..... would be happy if he would refund.

  • anonymous

    Barely any details. Had to keep asking questions

  • teazer

    Sorry in this reading. I can tell you're making guesses. You couldn't even pick up that I was already in a relationship. I asked if you were connected. If you weren't you should have said so. I want a refund. im just stating the obvious and facts that I know does not go with your readings and predictions. This is an honest review.

  • anonymous

    nothing he has ever said came true

  • wakefield2324

    Got disconnected and I lost my money for the reading

    Advisor's reply


    If you just open up chat with me we can continue again

  • heidichristina

    Couldn't finish chat his allergy meds were kicking in. Also always gives 3 months time line, and has given me that for the last year. Don't believe him anymore and I always turned to him. Sad.

    Advisor's reply


    I am sorry you feel that way dear, but if you wanna chat again your more then welcomed

  • anonymous

    I feel like we didn't connect he didn't give me much information

  • kubichek77

    Very generic read

    Advisor's reply


    I'm sorry dear that I didn't give you the answers you was looking for & gave you the truth

  • curiousm82

    Not good for me. I do not even, wan't to know how much more vague one person can be with their answers. He says, "1 week, then he says 6 weeks anywhere in between," Lol. This is just common sense, you do not need to be a Psychic to know THAT. Maybe what he meant is, you will see this person again, but I just don't know when where or how. To me, though, I think he could have done better if he really tried, so in light of this feeling, I will say that I feel this was a waste of my 10 dollars. I need a refund. I do not feel this reader really checked anything. Never again with this fellow, unless he really makes the effort to check and try his best. Not because its only 10 dollars, you should still do your best. xx

  • anonymous

    this is the first negative review I've given. generic answers, no detail or inside and was wrong about a couple things.

  • hellogorgeousss


    Advisor's reply


    dear you only gave me like 2 minutes..

  • anonymous

    I am disappointed about the fact he dint pick up the situation just making assumption about the individuals in questions and he offered a cleansing really. I thought he was better tha

  • julyzown

    He's not real

  • scorpiogoddess04

    Okay. Didn't feel connected

  • k71190

    He's clearly making it up. I thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt in spite of the bad reviews, and turns out the bad reviews were right. The information was incredibly generic. It would fit every single person in the world. And when I did ask a question for specific information, he made it really clear he had no connection at all. I asked about plans for the holidays, he says, "nice dinners, and basic winter stuff." (and that was the MOST specific he got at all.) i even asked if he was sure. "yeah." well friend... there is no winter in central america. so... nope. it's a shame that people are willing to take advantage of others, especially ones who need help. if you want to give people relationship advice, that's fine. frame it as advice. but don't offer a service you can't provide.

  • lesia

    i dont know what is up with this reader....i would have respected him or her more if they just tell me that they didnt know how things would pan out instead of telling me some me people...the less information you offer...the more you will see that they do not know what they are talking about......just feeding off of what you are saying....I WANT A REFUND BECAUSE I DID NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING

  • hal

    Did not feel like he was psychic at all because he did not connect to my situation even a tiny bit. Said a guy that I have never dated and hardly interacted with "needed space," which makes zero sense. Also said relationship was moving slowly but surely. Sorry but it isn't moving AT ALL and hasn't in months. I paid for 10 minutes but left after 5 because I was getting nothing here. Nice guy, but I'm totally unconvinced he knew or saw anything about my situation at all. What a bummer. :(