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True answers only though its painful..i can assist you to come out from troubles and difficulties..assist for right directions in love, career etc.,eradicate disappointments in love life,

We all need answers from time to time, allow me to connect and bring you the truth! LOVE SPECIALIST. No mumbo jumbo, 100% psychic visions. What you waiting for? step inside :

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  • Description

    We all need answers from time to time, allow me to connect and bring you the truth! LOVE SPECIALIST. No mumbo jumbo, 100% psychic visions. What you waiting for? step inside :

  • Experience

    I have helped many clients through my guidance and meditation to find happiness within their broken relationships. They listened to my intuitive advice and found their relationships, marriage and sex life turned around for the better. Through my guiding them, they have fixed those broken relationships, healed their hearts, and have found that new love that they didn t even know was looking for them. I also have helped many in finding that job that they so desperately wanted, through my visions I led them to the one that was waiting on them. Call me now to see how my abilities and guidance can help you fix your relationships

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    I am natural born god gifted psychic,connect with spirits and i can read tarot cards and inform you about your future..I am interested to help the people in achieving their goals..I will give you direct and honest answers.I can connect with your conditions and assist you in directions of your life.I do not give false hopes.I specialize in all matters of the heart as well as questions about your life path. I am honest,and you will satisfied by me after getting a connection from me..

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Psychic Mystic Susan ‘s reviews

  • eashanna

    She was great!

  • pgurnsey

    She is amazing. So sweet, caring and accurate.

  • piaban03

    She is very good , she sees things working for me though I am not in a good situation with him now . Let’s see . Will update when things happen .

  • hopefulsha

    She is very kind, patient, understanding, encouraging, and uplifting. Thanks again.

  • shellbell12

    great reading waiting for predictions!!!

  • boutique88

    She is so supportive and understanding of my situation. She even reached out to me in a message to to ask about my updates. Please use her you will not regret it. Predictions is pending but she's so sure of herself which makes me sure of her. Thank you very much

  • kristinajt

    Thank you I hope things turn around

  • vpoh

    i typed all my questions in the beginning, halfway typing my questions when the payment prompt popped up which i felt i was rudely interrupted but still paid $20 and ended up having to wait for reader to connect only when my funds were running until $15 plus. reading did went on but felt very generic. nothing that made me go like oh, this reader did connect to POI and when funds ended, reader quickly sent the payment request again. pls refund the money and im not here for free reading. just not satisfied that you did not consider the funds lost at the start of the reading when you should have connected while im making the payment.

    Advisor's reply


    This is wrong my friend,you take full reading.Also take full refund and now you leave this

  • maa

    Great! Thank you!

  • missstard

    Great reading as always. There for me when I need to be reassured im not going crazy! :) <3

  • kiwigirl

    Incredibly fast and clear. Thank you so much x

  • missstard

    Spot on with everything. Knew my DOB and my POI's without me saying anything. She was very detailed and honest. :)

  • pgurnsey

    She has a calm and patient energy. She has helped me in so many ways.

  • pgurnsey

    She is the best on here by far.

  • km124904

    Very kind and fast advisor. Not sure what happened it cut me off, I did not hang up on you. Thank you :)

  • nina84

    Excellent and well connected. There were some hard realities to accept but I already had a feeling. Hopeful for the future and will definitely will be taking the advice given

  • mskimmy

    I hear every word u say !!!!! I believe what u saw for me as well !!!! U are the best !!!! Thank U SusAN

  • jimboy

    Ran out of time reading very reassuring

  • hopefulsha

    Very direct, in-depth, insightful, and encouraging. Thanks a ton!

  • pgurnsey

    She’s really good and will give you the best advice or solution for your situation.