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psychic angele

I am able to read your lovers mind thru your energy. I will tell you what your lover feels and thinks all in 1 session.

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I will tell you what ur lover next step is.

  • Description

    I am able to read your lovers mind thru your energy. I will tell you what your lover feels and thinks all in 1 session.

  • Experience

    i helped many people who had no direction. i will take the time to help you understand the things that are unclear. i put many people in control of there love life. so dont hesitate. take the first step to a better understanding.

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    if you want a full and complete reading u have to be registerd I will not accept unregistered users. the 3 free min is only 1 TIME. its NOT for the same person over and over again. example you cannot come for the 3 free min and then come back under a different name or unregistered and ask for 3 more min free.this is a serious platform for people who need help and insight on serious life matters.

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angle77‘s reviews

  • lgraff70

    Always love chatting with angle77

  • sheena02

    Thank you

  • anonymous

    Was good reader.picked up on detail

  • mills27

    Absolutely brilliant, the explanations she gave made things so much clearer, and helped me gain a better understanding. Very connected and accurate to my situation. Thank you so much

  • bjr72


  • bighappy83

    Thank you for being generous and truthful Angle.

  • roseann1837

    Always incredible just love her.

  • nathalie1119

    I didnt feel she connected ,kind of confusing and contradicted reading. She tried to make sense but I asked for true feelings and I don't think that was answered. Some stuffs mentioned didn't resonate.

  • forgetit

    This advisor is saying some confusing stuff. I don't believe her one min we belong next he trying to forget me, then I should date others men if this is not the most confused reading I ever had

    Advisor's reply


    no confusion he is moving on and u asked if u should date i answered yes. i dont suger coa

  • kikalove

    The connection is always there. Thank you again

  • sweets

    awesome thank you so much!

  • lucille1983

    she's very sweet and has a calming effect. she was also super patient and gave a lot of information.

  • seriouslyantoinette

    Thank you for your insight and guidance. I am so grateful!

  • roseann1837

    Incredible always on point! Not always what I want to hear however correct!!!

  • gail13

    is always very good thank you :)

  • alba

    Awesome reading. I got a friend :)

  • roseann1837

    She is incredible!!! knows him almost better he knows himself!!!

  • gerriw

    I love to talk to her.

  • nyarina

    Amazing !!!!

  • billy56

    I have been consulting with Angle for almost a year now. She is SOOOOOOO accurate with her readings. Told me things about this person that were SOOOOOOO true o. Our first chat. That's why I kept returning. She feels the current situation n tells u what will occur in the near future. I've been very pleased with my many readings with her and will continue to come to her. Do reading with her and you will see exactly what I mean. I had readings with her during the hardest time of my life n it helped. She's gifted!!!!!