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Over 40 years of experience in psychic reading, angelic communication and, spiritual guide. Having capability to remove blocks and make your life much much happier with peace of mind.Let me help you through my whole age experience! BLESSINGS TO ALL

No need to be depressed, alone and disappointed!!!!! Seeking guidance!!!! Accurate, ethical and honest insight and guidance on any of life matter!!!!!!!!!

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10 minutes reading.

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$30 for detailed 30 minutes reading ( New clients only).

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    No need to be depressed, alone and disappointed!!!!! Seeking guidance!!!! Accurate, ethical and honest insight and guidance on any of life matter!!!!!!!!!

  • Experience

    I realized my psychic ability in my early age and from that time I m trying to use it for helping people. I can feel and understand anyone’s problem and would like to help him/her up to my best efforts. No need to be depressed, frustrated and disappointed on any of the life issue. You can expect clear and true insight on any of the matter related to love, relationship, career, job, finance, marriage, divorced etc. I can help you to get insight into your current situation and your future and can tell you the best course of action. Can help you to make the path for peace of mind through spirituality. I can help you in clearing everyday stress, illness, emotional blocks throughout the body, and boost confidence and spiritual happiness. A session can help liberate you from a habit, a relationship, or from deep cultural or behavioral patterns. I can assist you on your path of growth. !! You can come for discussion on any of the universal law i.e. Law of attraction, law of action, Law of cause and effects, Laws of relativity and many more. I have studied all the religions in detail. Would love to help any one in getting answer of any of question related to religion.

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    I am natural born psychic. I am clairvoyant, clairsentience and clairaudient. I can see, hear and feel psychic messages. Diploma in Astrology and Numerology. I have been tarot reader from last 15 years. Dream interpretation, Graphology and Picture reading are my passions. I am strict follower and having deep faith in several spiritual arts i.e. chanting .mantra, yoga, meditation, fasts, kundalini, chakra cleansing, and spiritual healing.

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immortaltruth's reviews

  • shandy003

    Great reading as always. Very accurate and honest.

  • mongsoon

    This reader was making stories up when I asked him questions that I knew answers to. I told him he was wrong and he kept telling me that he was right. A good reader must be able to acknowledge his lack of capability. People, Make a wise decision.

  • shandy003

    Great reading as always. Very accurate with clear insight. A++Reader

  • prb

    Thank you again for easing my fears. I know I overthink and see things that are not actually happening. It will.all work out.

  • brez4lyfe

    I’m grateful for this reading.. insight and counseling. Easily connected and understood clearly. Thank you!

  • prb

    Excellent insight. Thank you so much. You truly show that you care for your clients by reading with compassion and truth, even though it's not good news. There is always a light in the tunnel.

  • prb

    Thank you for telling me as is. You read my situation very well and have fiven me great advise. You did not judge me at all but showed me different options I can take. I know everything will work out. I just need on myself and not expect too much from him right now because of things he is going through. It's enough for me right now that the friendship can be salvaged, he is faithful and loves me. Bless you!

  • shandy003

    Great Reading. Very Accurate, Amazing Guidance and Insight on every aspect. I felt like I was speaking to an old friend that knows me very well.

  • apatel10

    Very fast typist and a little confusing but seemed quite accurate and gave good advice.

  • zara22

    Honest and accurate

  • clmoody

    good reading, continuous. only thing was at the end I felt kind rushed as if she was ready for it to be over. !! Other then that thank u

    Advisor's reply


    Thank you dear..for $10 deal, 15 minuted already given..after that i closed. Bless you...

  • neal

    Great reading!

  • maddy26

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! I really appreciate you going over the time, that shows that you genuinely care for your customers..I'm feeling a bit more at ease for sure. And will get back soon! Thank you, and god bless you :)

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    Thank you!

  • yssa

    If there was a rating that was higher than excellent, I would leave it. This reading was the TRUEST and most soul deep reading I've had. Not only did she connect in deeply and truthfully, but told me what I NEEDED to hear, and KNEW I needed to hear it because it brought me to tears. She went beyond the typical "this is going to happen" stuff, and got to the heart of the matter in a way that brings peace of mind knowing what Life is showing me is about more than what I want out of it. There is a larger picture going on. God bless this woman deeply. I ... I really needed this and highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to truly see and RESPOND to what is seen.

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    Thank you!