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I believe in telling it how it is – may not be what you what to hear – but will be what you need to know.

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    I believe in telling it how it is – may not be what you what to hear – but will be what you need to know.

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    I have had many years experience as a Psychic Reader, Tarot Reader, Reiki Healer, Dream Analyser, Numerologist and Pet Psychic. I have facillitated many Spiritual/Psychic Enhancement Groups also. New to Bitwine but not new to Spiritual Enlightenment.

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    Two Degrees in Karuna Reiki Healing Psychic Reader, Spiritual Group Facillitator, Tarot Reader, Reiki Healer, Dream Analysis, and Pet Psychic. Numerology.

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Stacey J‘s reviews

  • dezina

    Great lady, as always.

  • dezina

    Such a logical, sound advisor,

  • dezina

    Awesome lady..

  • fire7

    Seemed connected at first, told me what I wanted to hear and swore by it, but then seemed to change her mind on what she saw once I explained the (complications of the) situation to her. I messaged her a few times over the last 2 weeks, she responded once and we even chatted about the situation, she promised to get back with me, and since then I have heard NOTHING from her. Seems like she just told me what I wanted to hear but knew it wasn't true. I'm disappointed, as I thought she was an honest woman. Playing games with people's emotions: NOT COOL!

  • dezina

    In the short time I have known Stacey she has been incredibly accurate with the information received. I have no doubt that Stacey's predictions will come to pass. She does not sugarcoat nor give false hope. To the point and precise. You to will find the answers you seek, please try Stacey, like me Im sure you wont regret it......

  • anonymous

    Wonderful lady, articulate and very helpful. Her last reading was accurate and she nailed few short term insights that I came to validate today. I look forward to the next few days. Give her a try, she is money and time well spent. Her gift can only help you when you allow it too -- she is here to relay the truth and set you free. Thanks Stacey, God bless you.

  • dezina

    Another great reading from Stacey.

  • kimberly11a

    Very good! Honest reading!! Thanks so much! I will return!

  • dezina

    Another great reading from Stacey.

  • rosie

    Really good connection and very god reading.Too bad bitwine started acting up again so the screen just froze.I recommend her very highly though.

  • a_l_i_e_n

    Stacey was incredibly honest and forthright. She did not feed me a fairytale and read the situation exactly as it currently stands in the present. Thank you!

  • dezina

    Very sensible lady. Helpful.

  • spiralking

    She picked up a lot of emotions that helped me understand my love interest better. Thank you!

  • dezina

    Great as always.

  • dezina

    Awesome lady. Accurate to boot.

  • dezina

    Another great session

  • anonymous


  • dezina

    Stacey blew me away with her accuracy. Fast and to the point, no messing. She is a delight to talk to... Try her you to will be delighted to. Will return to update.

  • mindi

    Awesome reading... Really felt a great connection with Stacey who definitely just tells it like it is, in such a considerate, easy to understand kind of way. Seemed really on point and I hope that all will be revealed sooner than later. Thanks a lot and many blessings to you hun xo

  • anonymous

    accurate and honest reading