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Honest, accurate psychic readings done with compassion.

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    Honest, accurate psychic readings done with compassion.

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    I have about 15 years of experience as a reader. I put my entire being into my readings and look at the situation as a whole. My main goal in readings is to have my clients leave with the feelings that they’ve learned something deeper about themselves, as well as feeling empowered and not so much ‘in the grip’ of a situation where they feel helpless or dependent on anyone, including me. My job is to help you see what you’ve overlooked and to help you to help yourself. Therefore, if you ask about your relationship, for instance, I will give you all aspects of it and what I see and feel. I don’t hold back, and I don’t put anything more or anything less than my soul into your reading. If you are seeking a quick answer to an uncomfortable situation, then I’m probably not your reader – I don’t do ‘band-aid reads’ or drive-thru reads, or give any kind of reassurance unless I truly feel your fear is unearned in that situation. My readings are not light-hearted usually, and they tend to go pretty deep, though they are quite direct in their message. Again, if this is not what you are looking for, then please find another reader who will cater to your specific needs. I am here to help you in the only way I know how – honestly, truthfully, passionately, and with great depth. Anything else would not be true to myself, or to those who need it. With questions to loved ones, I am able to 'tap in' to them and let you know what it is they need, what they are struggling to do or say. I want you to enjoy your reading and to feel comfortable and heard. When you're receptive, I'm able to see and hear the situation more clearly.

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    15+ years experience

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Zadalia‘s reviews

  • mel71

    Thanks for your insights, really appreciate, you picked up on this man very well.

  • antivirgo

    Oh no, we got disconnected...but good reading. :)

  • deflep38

    Wow she's amazing again - give her a try :-)

  • antivirgo

    Rania was straight forward, very nice to talk to and I didn't get any sense of sugar-coating. She was quick to respond and made a lot of sense. I would definitely recommend. Thanks for the nice reading!

  • anonymous

    I am happy with her :)