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Accurate and In Depth Psychic Advice..Love and Soulmate Specialist...Relationship Repair/Renewal

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Complete Life Reading/Investigation..Tells All!!..$35.00

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    South Florida

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    Accurate and In Depth Psychic Advice..Love and Soulmate Specialist...Relationship Repair/Renewal

  • Experience

    When I was born my mother told me the doctor had said I was born with a "Viel" which is a layer of skin over the face.. That comes off after a day or two..And only people that are born with this "viel" have this special Psychic Ability..When I was in the 4th grade I went to my teacher and said I felt she was going to have a baby..She announced 2 weeks later that she was pregnant..She had then called my mom and told her she thought I had a special ability that I may have been psychic..That came as no surprize to mom..As my great great grandmother was an Indian Healer & Psychic also..Thats when and how I discovered my ability..And have been using it to help and direct people world wide ever since..I have been traveling for the past 4 years on Meditation & Spiritual Tours, Before that I used to have a business here in South Florida but I found that it wasnt really helping people the way I wanted to. It was more business like, And most of the people was just coming in for fun,And just for the experience which is fine, But I just wanted to reach out to people on a more meaningful & personal level..Not only as a Psychic Reader but as a Partner and Confidant..There are people out there who really need help that are lonely depressed confused and have no one to turn to..Thats why Im here offering my services,I want to know that I did all I could do for humanity maybe in a small way brought peace of mind.. Set some one free of burdens they have been carrying for years..There is good and bad in everything..Good and bad doctors,lawyers,poloticians etc. Same with Psychics..Beware- get to know your reader before opening up to them so freely..With me you will get truth honesty and If I dont know something or cant give you a 100% accurate answer I wont answer you at all..Im non judgemental of anyone, Ive been around and heard just about everything there is to hear with peoples lives and problems so nothing surprizes me..Call me im here to help..God Bless

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    Graduate From The Barbara Brennon School of Healing..Tested to have an accuracy level of 97%..I can read in to all area's of life and concern ..But concentrate on Love,Marrige,Divorce,Affairs..And Soulmate Connections.

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Sonya..D..123‘s reviews

  • anonymous

    She's good, sorry I had to leave next time!

  • progurllisa

    wonderful thank you

  • anonymous

    She is *very* good. She was aware of other people in the situation which I did not mention, and also pinpointed his personality most accurately.

  • anonymous

    the best will come back with details later

  • anonymous

    now she was good better than good and on point too with her reading

  • anonymous

    very to the point, understanding and knowlledgable. hope it all comes to pass. thanks Sonya.