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Selma, Emotional Communication Expert Focused on Love & Relationships for Men and Women - Detailed Consultations on how to 'Meet, Date and Develope Love & Relationships Online and Offline!***** A WHOLE NEW SPIN TO LOVE GUIDANCE AND ADVICE ONLINE*****

Servicing in all areas of Love & Relationships. Health & happiness for your spiritual well being. I'm also experienced in detailed tarot readings, insights your astrology as well as connections in the aura. Cleansings provided through meditation practice!

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Any question, over any matter! Visit for insight!

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    Servicing in all areas of Love & Relationships. Health & happiness for your spiritual well being. I'm also experienced in detailed tarot readings, insights your astrology as well as connections in the aura. Cleansings provided through meditation practice!

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    I'm a very detailed emotional/spiritual reader that truly believes in connecting with my students on all levels so that we can uncover these barriers to help travel back to find healing/understanding with solutions of moving forward and letting go on what no longer serves you doe it becomes many blockages in your energy field preventing you from experiencing a strong, healthy, spiritually flowing growth. I love learning about people and sharing insights for higher-understanding and spiritual growth. True connections help create, heal and rebuild and retrace you journey. Teaching all things spiritual for higher meaning with a higher chance to gain a happier quality life in love and relationships. All on a one on one, friendly and convenient, emotionally-connected, fun way! My students will learn to decode, identify and use sensitive methods of rebuilding dull, irritated and unwanted energy fields in their spiritual home. If you are unsure on what you are feeling but are certain something in your energy is off or hard to understand whether that be in Love, Business, Marriage, Friends and Family, I can help you determine it's roots. My methods are ancient remedies. I offer evergreen solutions. No false promises here. I am naturally a nurturing person and love sharing healthy, positive and healing energy with all and with my own experience I believe I have a lot to share/offer that will be of benefit to all that seek my guidance. I believe many wear different shoes and not all one size fits all. I also believe in Karmic energy rings and promote healthy meditative solutions to help you find peace in your daily routine. My Goals and my mission are to simply provide a service of myself with kind genuine care and understanding of you and your energy with we begin to connect and exchange energy. What will we do? Use our spiritual bodies to open connections to the unmet/unsolved tension that you might be unaware of. guidance on how to rebuild any situation that may be holding you back from being whole in a wholesome-lifestyle with your relationships while navigating through challengers of the everyday. I want to help you reach full potential for the best quality spiritual health, emotional health, along with mental and physical. ***** A WHOLE NEW SPIN TO LOVE GUIDANCE AND ADVICE ONLINE***** NOW SERVIING/ADVISING 'THE ONLINE-DATING-COMMUNITY! PLEASE SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE OR SHARE WITH ME WHAT IT IS YOU SEEK TO OBTAIN AND I WILL GO THE EXTRA MILE TO SUPPORT YOU AND GET YOU THERE OR CLOSEST TO IT! COME VISIT ME! Now I am giving active one-on-one advise on How-to-Crush-the-Ice with Meeting & Dating Online to maximize your Dating online potential to help you learn to qualify and seek superior dating-candidates I welcome you to visit me today with any questions you may have... it starts with saying hi! Thank you kindly, Salma

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    I would like thank you for visiting my page. Some insights about me! My family line descended from Northern Indian and through many years of 'settling' before Migration reached Southern-Eastern Europe. I began my spiritual journey in helping others at a very early in childhood. I've watch my grandmother advise people new and old, by healings the mind & spirit, through connection. During my upbringing I also watched her mentor my mother who was troubled managing all her emotions in love and relationships. She's come a long way with these obstacles as she continues to journey. I am very fortunate and blessed to of had such a rich bond/support. The foundation of service and support as well as my ability to Connect, Discover and translate to help the people I care about grow, that is my mission and for these reasons I provide service through spiritual enlightenment, kindness along with superior communication skills; detailed focused on active listening while guiding in creative solutions to elevate stress.

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Dear, Selma‘s reviews

  • nyarina

    Great !

    Advisor's reply


    Pleasure meeting you my dear! Can't wait for the follow-up! xx

  • bunnyqueen

    it was a lot of advice, although i still don't know what to do, feel more frustrated than ever, felt like I didn't get a resolution and I didn't really have time to ask questions I wanted, which was a shame, had to repeat my questions a few times

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    My Dear, I can give you all the insight but it's up to you to take action! Calm energy #1

  • anonymous

    She was reading my mind. Knew exactly what my concerns were. She was very sweet and kind.

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    Thank you so much for your kind words! Would a great energy & connection! Until next time!

  • sapatsanun

    Selma is accurate and insightful. She gives valuable advice and bring peace to me. She understands the core of the issue well and is on point.

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    Wonderful! You are incredibly aware, more than you give your self credit for! Stay strong!

  • jtothep323


  • pusingdah

    Hope her prediction is true

  • kyanitejade

    She was good overall... We didn't get to discuss one of my other questions that I originally wrote, but it may be a mistaken oversight... she was kind and helpful, so I would recommend her...

  • pras24

    She was fast and responsive, did not sugarcoat and motivated to be positive and make efforts!

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    It was my pleasure! I'm so glad you have taken great efforts to improve your results! xx

  • g7b

    thank you, i couldnt type.

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    You are most welcome! Less stress and more rest! All is working in your favour! Take care!

  • ash1027

    She was very good. Well connected and very helpful. I enjoyed her reading

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    What a driven energy u are! :) Save your talants on those who share with u as energy's hi-

  • silla

    Lovely energy. Warm and accurate. We will see about predictions. Thank you

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    From Canada to Iceland! Glad we were able to connect so flawlessly. Be patient, share love

  • kellyflorida

    She is good !!!

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    Great pleasure reading for you! -Stay positive and really embrace this wonderful energy!!

  • sunshine333

    Amazing reading, spend more time with me without charging extra.

  • lorena30

    thank you for the guidance and for thoroughly explaining to me what i needed in my life right now-- very accurate ttys!xo

  • dragonfly36

    Amazing! Had so much detail,& very accurate.. Extremely honest , u have beautiful energy & such a beautiful gift to share! Please try her, she was right on point with everything! Will be back for sure xo )))

  • johanna1210

    Extremely detailed, friendly, and fast typer. Will be back for more readings

  • mapigi

    Well..... I will update this review tomorrow ! But honestly one of the best!!!!

  • altimagal

    She is awesome. Wow!!! Blown away. Just awesome. Loved my reading. Blessings to you

  • yani87

    Never finished my reading, chat ended (probably by bitwine) I called back and someone else answered saying "Selma is busy with another call and if I would like to return in 15mins?" So I waited but she logged off and I was never able to complete my reading, I only have more questions and more confusion now 11/5 Called again did not answer Please just Refund me thank you.

  • anonymous

    This woman is a very deep psychic. I feel so connected to her. Everything she says is so accurate. And she makes sure a good connection is established before she starts charging. She also asks for honesty and brings that to light as well. Thank you <3