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Honest insight into Career, Love, Relationship and Spiritual Progress in a safe, supportive, non judgmental environment. Fast typist and Very Generous connection time.

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    Las Vegas, NV

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    Honest insight into Career, Love, Relationship and Spiritual Progress in a safe, supportive, non judgmental environment. Fast typist and Very Generous connection time.

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    My reads are in depth and delve into insight concerning love and relationships. I do not sugar coat or weave fantasy forecasts. I give you the messages received as they are given to me. I take your questions and concerns very serious as I am dealing with your life, and I do not take this lightly. I won't waste your time, if I can't connect I will tell you as soon as possible (I leave my ego at the door so to speak) I will outline what is happening, coming in the future, obstacles in the way of achieving your goals or wishes, personality traits, and internal thinking. I do my best to deliver the answers to all questions asked, and do not give short responses. I am able to give you information about others as well. I am caring and compassionate but always direct. Thanks for the opportunity to help you. Guidelines! 1) If I say something that you are unclear about please ask me to clarify. This is your reading and I am here to help you. I am in the America’s so sometimes our terminology differs. 2) Please have your question firmly in your mind as it helps me to read your situation as clearly as possible. I try my best to provide accurate time lines but please note: Free will affects timing. Pendulums are not 100% accurate but they are pretty good at yes or no questions. 3) If you have questions please speak up. This is your reading and I find that often I am guided better the more interaction I have with you. Part of what I do when channeling is the answers just come out of my mouth without any pre-thought. 4) Remember that free will can change things, only our destination is set. How we get there is up to us. If I tell you the direction that your life/relationship is taking and you aren’t happy with what I see, please ask me how you can change it. I will be honest with you first and foremost. I would rather tell you the truth and risk you being upset with me then lie to get good ratings. People are more important to me than ratings...although everyone likes a little pat on the back once in a while so please leave comments when spirit moves you :) Note: If I can’t connect to you for some reason I will tell you. I won’t waste your time. I am not here only to earn money. I deeply care about you and genuinely want to help in any way I can. Please treat me with the same respect.

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    Hi, my name is Ms. Kara. I am a work in progress. I love to learn and I am continuously studying Reiki, Crystals, Astrology, Metaphysics and I will be adding Theta healing shortly. I presently still attend University (college) and have studied accounting, writing, photography and communications. Since my earliest memory I have been empathic, clairaudient, and I am also a channel, let me be clear however, I am not a mind reader. Messages come to me in forms of visions, flashes and dreams, for the last 12 yrs I have been working as a professional spiritual counselor and life coach; 15 yrs Professional and Private practice in Tarot, Pendulum and recently began incorporating crystals for overall health and well being; Practicing and studying Reiki working on degree.

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