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elizabeth51‘s reviews

  • bcuzimagurl

    I read thru the transcript and this is a very honest review of how i felt and what she gave me. It was very very confusing...she described 3 diff men of whom the first 2 sounded the same..it was until much later into the reading that i realised she spoke about 3 men in total. Oh boy. The reading overall was just everywhere..scattered info here and there tbh half the time u had no idea who she was talking about..they sounded and her generic description. Dark. Hair..muscular..lol..ummm that is very vague. She then described my supposed soulmate..someone of not my liking or taste at all..then turns around and says i will have a relationship with a man from the past..but it will be of no significance. Huh! I am clueless as I was at the start. No real believable true answers or anything that made sense..she typed quick and was fast..but besides that...yeah..

  • anonymous

    She is nice give her a try. Very different.

  • faith1984

    So much to think about. Not sure about some things... they will have to come to light in time. And something didn't make sense to me about a trip because it's already paid for, but I want to see if it happens or not first. Overall, things went well. Thank you.

    Advisor's reply


    Hi Mai, is there something I could clarify for you about the trip?

  • anonymous


  • anonymous

    She is a wonderful person. It's always a good session with her. Very detailed and insightful.

  • anonymous

    She is very good. Please do try her services. She performs an amazing reading.

  • laurelle

    Thank you! Wait and see what the 7th brings!

  • pri

    Good Reader...very patient and compassionate...please try her.

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    Hi Priya, thanks again for your nice review! Try my $10 special sometime & save money!

  • pri

    Good..Please try her!

  • nyarina