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Matthew Dees

*Not currently working on bitwine, please catch me on bitwine's sister app, Purple Ocean.

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    *Not currently working on bitwine, please catch me on bitwine's sister app, Purple Ocean.

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    Policies Payments: I’m unable to accept transactions under $20. Any transactions under 20 will be refunded and the session will be ended. free minutes/time: Due to abuse, I no longer offer any type of preconnection. I will focus in, get a good hit and send over the charge request. Please be respectful of my time

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Matthew Dees‘s reviews

  • dee0407

    Thank you

  • anonymous

    Answered all my questions and gave great advice! Thanks!

  • stardust


  • tannyt

    thank you!

  • pezcor911

    He seemed to hit the nail right on the head regarding the other person, and the situation. May not have been exactly what I wanted to hear, but as I told him in the beginning I was ready for TRUTH. I highly recommend Matt. Can’t believe how well he was able to describe the other person and his ways....thank you Matt

  • newlife20142

    thank u

  • aaminivea

    He was right about contact with someone in nov..he is very connected to me and gets so many things right!

  • stephlovahh1261

    When ever I need the real deal guidance I come to him ! Thank you a ton !!!! <3

  • joeanwong

    Matt's reading is concise, fast and accurate. Thank you for the advice. A professional reader

  • anonymous

    Awesome and very honest

  • breanna07

    Honest. Thank you very much.

  • houseofedwards

    Thank you for ALWAYS having my back matt. I like the way you've approached every reading we've had. You knew all year long how things would be and you couldn't stand seeing me go through the trenches alone but you've been immensely helpful i can't thank you enough and for the record hun I'm not in the states :)

  • soulrider

    I have been to him before and I trust his readings

  • bunny251

    No words.. connection is too good.. Looking forward for what to unfold.. thanks matt

  • hunterbrook

    I'm at a loss of words, only thing I can say is amazing. He told me things where all I could say is wow, how did you know about that. Getting a reading from Matt is so worth it and still trying to figure out how he knew something that's going to be happening in March. Unreal that he told me the month of an event which I knew about. Kudos to you and really worth the $$ and time. I'll be back.

  • cynsiewil

    Calls it like he sees it - straight up. And he is highly accurate.

  • kate1023

    Seems very accurate and honest

  • zara22

    Very good

  • sabrinap123

    What a beautiful man.. Will definitely return. AMAZING connection

  • beautynbn

    Thank you Matt xxx