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    By virtue of my god’s gifted psychic abilities and experience, I’m able to see into your situation and can provide you very detailed and accurate readings in the area of Love-Relationship,( Specialist in Love and Relationships, your current situation and what so ever most concern to you. You can expect a straight forward and honest answer from me. I love to help and serve my clients on whatever they are going through. I have the ability to understand the situation and can easily guide you as well, to get a clear vision at a range of situations in life. I have a spiritual and logical way to recognize and guide you. I provide my service, answers and reading with great respect, honesty and care, as I’m here to help you. The result of any reading can be touching some time. But my objectives are only for the utmost good for you .

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    I’m a natural Born Psychic. I really take pleasure in helping people. The service i can provide: Psychic readings on any matter, relates to your life, love advice, reuniting past/present love, look into what the future holds for you, Career, and Finances. Readings given out to many spiritual believers! This gift was passed down from generation to generation and has been passed down to me when i was just a baby. ♥ I have helped many people in their love life and been doing this from more than a Decade. I have experienced the force of the spiritual energy flow since my childhood and that needs to be expressed with no negative interference’s. I am able to make a reading, outlining a person’s aspect and individuality and helping them to solve their issues and guide them on the accurate path of the life. I come to this site with the intention of serving others and to improve my god gifted psychic abilities, craving to help people with their troubles. I always receive a great amount of positive feedback and look

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    Engligh, hindi & punjabi

Psychic Power‘s reviews

  • lifeisjoy

    Thank you so much, sorry screen froze. You are very good.

  • greynotmatter

    Very very fast and detailed very accurate and compassionate I could feel so much that he wants to help plus he has a God given gift please refer to him highly recommended

  • kimberly89

    He is just amazing!!!! Part of first prediction came to pass he was spot on with timing so hoping things do the same for this reading! Such great detail and understanding

  • coolpicgirl13

    Please try Prithy. Very excellent advisor,

  • coolpicgirl13

    Prithy is always quick and right i his predictions 4 years now. thanks

  • mamcg95

    I love this guy. He’s really connected and doesn’t waste your time. I feel he was very honest and accurate!

  • clmoody


  • coolpicgirl13

    Prithy is one of the BEST... and to have him here on bitwine w a transcript is extra nice

  • bellaboo

    Thk you so much! You were clearly very connected. God bless!

  • jabeen02

    Thank you for your help in clarifying. I am looking forward to those changes. You always fill my heart with hope. Sorry we disconnected. Many blessings to you!

  • capullet

    Very good n thanks

  • iamnew

    Thank you for your time if a new man enters I. August I will come back update u!

    Advisor's reply


    good luck

  • irishgreen

    Great advice and insight, connected well

  • anonymous

    Sorry ran out of funds so couldn’t not reply ! Thank you sooo much! Amazing reader who picked up on energies and info immediately & accurately

  • raji94

    All predictions came true every single word Honestly the best phychic on here Understands you very well Listens to the situation Gives good advice Will be honest will not give false hope Lovely person

  • jabeen02

    Thanks for helping with seeing the pieces unfold. Appreciate your insight. God bless you!

  • anonymous

    Thank you so much sorry I was out of credit truly connected with my situation..god bless will be back soon

  • anonymous

    I was gonna GIVE you a YELLOW thumbs up! but then you said reality is hard to accept. NO your ENGLISH isnt that good or your writting skills are off. but thanks tho!! be bless:-)

    Advisor's reply


    i dont care you give red or yellow i know your mind state learn to accept the base truth.

  • nozlafchri

    Good reading!

  • coolpicgirl13

    Prithy told me I would find a carpenter who would do everything by himself, and sure enough, that has come true ... about a year ago. He told me another time my guy is taking care of his parents, that was true too m I did not even know that till later.

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    god bless