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LOve abd relationship, business and career, femily and health

I like to help people about their situation related to love and relationship. Dream reading, past life reading can heal and send them some positive energies.

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i will be do reading for you 10 doller

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  • Description

    I like to help people about their situation related to love and relationship. Dream reading, past life reading can heal and send them some positive energies.

  • Experience

    Hello, I have been doing psychic readings for many years.Everyone's path is intertwined yours as well as my self. My gifts of psychic and clairvoyance are from a higher spirit, a white light. I also read the tarot through my psychic abilities. let me help you know what the truth is. My reading is not always what you want to hear, rather what is needed for you to know. I will tell you what I see in your situation/problem. no situation/problem is hard for me to solve I can bring love and happiness. I am non judgmental there for channeling through my higher spirit. All questions and issues are answered. My reading is from the heart to heart. I have the ability to see what is taking place in your love life, marriage, business, relationships, and health. I can help you find the answer to:" Is he/she my twin flame or my soulmate"? Help you on your journey of life. If you see your life as a puzzle I will help you put the pieces together and help yu manifest your dreams, o make decisions, sort out the undecided and the unknown. I will also help you find your hidden strength, avoid problems and grief. I look forward to talking to you sending you blessing and white light. THANK YOU

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    I'm a natural born psychic. I'm a love and relationships specialist. I am great at what I do. My readings are based on truth and reality. I don't sugarcoat my readings. Whatever I see, I will share with you weather it is good or bad news. If you really need an honest reading and one that is real then you need to prepare yourself and come into my room I read people through the date of births or names, with the help of spirit guides and my special gifts. I also use angels in my reading and I use positive and good energies which allow me to read and heal others. I specialize in 1. Love 2. Relation 3. Marriages 4 Reunion career 6.soul mate connections 7.past, present and future

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Truthhealer‘s reviews

  • kay4

    Great reading as always

  • kay4

    Absolutely amazing advisor!!!!! I'm at a lost for words....Truthhealer's gifts are beyond comprehendible. More than her words, her energy transmits though her readings. I've had a few readings that were truly healing sessions.

  • kay4

    Truthhealer uses a name that truly embodies what she brings to her work...Honesty!!! She doesn't need details to tap into your situation because she is truly gifted. There are few who can tap into their spiritual gifts and give the truth without asking questions...You want a detailed advisor! Truthhealer will bless you with the truth so get ready and know the truth will set you free!

  • sibuna82

    Fast connection, very helpful and understanding psychic. Thanku so much!!

  • klove6

    Good reading.

  • rvm06

    Thank you so much for your reading. I highly appreicate the guidance you gave. Everything you mentioned was true and I look forward to your predictions come to life too.

  • mommom01

    This person is very unprofessional. They didn’t answer anything and just kept calling me DEAR... I asked for refund and she/he left the chat. But tagstvokay cuz I will have paypal refund me my $10. Please do not go to this person ! I barely or never leave bad reviews on here.

  • piccologio

    Great reading very well conected..Sorry was not able to thank u because run out of money

  • kay4

    Wonderful reading.

  • shazashoo

    It was rubbish please refund.

  • missdear89

    Nice excellent

  • anonymous

    Thank you very, very, very much.....

  • michelleharry

    Very hard to understand but I kind of get the idea of what he wants now !! Thank you

  • jtothep323


  • lpcalpoly

    Great reader, thanks again.

  • michelleharry

    Thank you for the insight I have the answers I need thanks

  • cezz32

    Great! Tapped into my situation alot of details accurate ty!

  • aashah

    Very slow to type. Says very generic things. Disappears for minutes at a time only to respond with "thanks"?! This person does not make sense at all. Not even with my reading but in general, I have no idea what they were saying. Predictions also did not come to pass.

  • mmalk

    Reading was good, not sure as have to wait and see what happens but advise was good.

  • bjr72

    Highly recommended