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General Reading

I will give you the honest truth!! Very descriptive reading with lots of details about your current situation. No refunds.

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10 min reading!! General Reading!

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$20 for 25min, $30 for 35 min, $40 for 45 min, $50 for 55 min

  • Description

    I will give you the honest truth!! Very descriptive reading with lots of details about your current situation. No refunds.

  • Experience

    **NO REFUNDS** Clairvoyant, clairaudient, playing cards, numerology, astrology, natal charts, compatibility natal charts. I love helping my clients and giving them in depth details about their current life situation(s).

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Super Natural iX‘s reviews

  • oaktree11

    I absolutely love him! Information flows non stop. Accurate and detailed plus funny which is a bonus. Thank you so much!

  • leo474

    So good he's the only reader on this site to pin point an even as it happened on this site. Amazing accuracy, will definitely return. 5/5

  • leo474

    Reading was on point, chat got cut but the details were amazing. he picked up my situation very well and gave me predictions to look forward to. Excellent stuff

    Advisor's reply


    Thank you! Please check you messages, I left one for you :)

  • kareneh

    I felt this reader was honest. Very genuine and sincere reading understands the situation. Thank you :)

  • oaktree11

    He is truly gifted. He picks up on things people and situations quickly and accurately. He doesn't fish for info like other advisers. He is very generous with his time .I don't understand the negative reviews .He is amazing. A must call!

  • bcuzimagurl

    One of the most negative and worst readings I have ever had. This person lied in their profile..stating they are descriptive and detailed. Lies. Was unable to answer any of my questions..did not give any sort of prediction or tell me anything futurewise. He repeated himself numerous beginnings...i see new beginnings. Yeah...and that's it. Was not detailed or in depth anything...i felt like he just went on and on repeating...a complete utter waste of time money and effort. He is NOTHING of what he describes in his profile..i did not get any answers. Save your money and time in finding someone genuine...this person is a fake. Too bad I can't paste transcript on here for all to see....

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    This review is false and I feel that you wasn't very nice to me at all.

  • oaktree11

    He is very talented. Picked up on a lot of things quickly. Also very friendly and funny. A must call.

  • nyarina

    Good and kind !

  • sygooden2

    50/50 reading. Somethings you picked up on for me, but for him totally off. I acknowledged on things you hit but major of session was silence because it just wasn't resonating. you didn't give me much insight and I gained nothing from this chat....UPDATE: In response to your comment "denial ". Dude, first you tell me "I see that you guy have a fulfilling love affair but people don't like the fact that you guys are or were together" then later you turn and say he compete with my children, he wants it all about him". Now you want to comment he don't want me but NEVER said that in reading, you really seemed all over the place.

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    You are known on this website. I know that you spoke to other advisors and its the same.

  • sophia1964

    Where do I begin...This reading was beyond amazing, the things torch picked up on had me speechless. I truly hope all plays out for me! You're awesome and I will definitely be back ❤

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    Thank you so much! XOXO