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Love-Romance-Sex Psychic Readings

*⚜I have the insight to help resolve the most difficult and complex love issues with full clarity, sensitivity and compassion.⚜* *+CONSISTENTLY A BITWINE TOP ADVISOR+*

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10 Mins-$30 / 15 Mins-$45 / 20 Minutes-$55

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    Norton, Malton, North Yorkshire

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    *⚜I have the insight to help resolve the most difficult and complex love issues with full clarity, sensitivity and compassion.⚜* *+CONSISTENTLY A BITWINE TOP ADVISOR+*

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    *When the pain is just too much & when you cannot think clearly please reach out. I have helped so many – let me help you right now!* ---------------- ♚ Together with my psychic abilities we will be able to see clearly into your future. ♚ I know I can help you find the best route to achieving what your heart desires. I help hundreds of people each year. ♚ In times of pain and despair it is so hard to know what to do next. If you feel alone or confused come to me right now and let us together look at your path ahead. I will do everything possible to start easing your pain. ♚ Knowing when things are going to happen is really important. Most of my customers think it is essential. As someone who has spent a great deal of time studying Horology (study of time) you can be confident of my Timeline predictions. ♚ When the questions keep spinning round in your head about your situation, then let me help start answering them. *+TERMS & CONDITIONS+* In having a consultation with Count Marco, either paid or unpaid the client customer is agreeing to the following terms and conditions. 1. Any client dissatisfaction must be brought to the attention of Count Marco within 48 hours, where he will review and offer feedback and further information and look to a mutually satisfactory resolution. Past this time period it is acknowledged and assumed that the client is fully satisfied. 2. You accept and agree that all payments in respect of consultation with Count Marco are final and that neither myself or BitWine offers no refunds. 3. Charges and Payment are made in respect to the actual time duration used consulting with Count Marco and not for the subject matter; which is subjective, personal and confidential. Reading are for entertainment purposes. You understand that once you make payment for any and all transactions this is final and a legal binding agreement to retain my services for the duration of minutes provided. 4. You agree that you will not seek to cancel, chargeback, or otherwise seek a refund on any basis that is fraudulent, misleading, or untrue. You understand that if I am ever required to defend myself and appeal any chargeback claim submitted documentations, policies, links, terms of service, screenshots, logs and full copies of our transcript will be provided to both Paypal and BitWine. In cases where suspected fraudulent activity is suspected then similar details will be passed to the relevant law enforcement agencies, in both my country and the country of origin. 4. You agree and understand that you are subject to PayPal’s Terms and Conditions including Privacy Policy. 5. No matters involving minors, medical health or legal related issues will be discussed. For these such matters please consult the relevant professional. 6. No readings will EVER be given to an Unregistered User. I will have no option but to disconnect your call. Please ensure you are registered prior to making contact.

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    *Webpage: http://www.laspiritus.com* *LaSpiritus.com* is my website dedicated to my work on BitWine. Please visit my website now and please signup. Subscribe for my Newsletter EUPHORIA today and you will qualify for your *15 MINUTE READING for just $10!* VIDEO TESTIMONIALS ------------------ https://youtu.be/iE-wVq78q3A https://youtu.be/fEFolsqo0g0 https://youtu.be/c5B_oWbq_tg https://youtu.be/D5wQRDk-lDE https://youtu.be/qXflJrMndts https://youtu.be/bwM0NWkhC-8 https://youtu.be/kerHfEAjkZM https://youtu.be/pKmqzWgDZcI https://youtu.be/jFR_emQbIT4 https://youtu.be/QoSOlv4Fr9c Here are some of my credentials:- ♚ Fully qualified & trained Master of Cartomancy; using the Power of Playing Cards and Tarot to connect with your guides. ♚ Study of Horology (The Study of time).Timeline Expert. ♚ Creator and publisher of various sets of Playing Cards for Divination including the Anne Rose Edition. ♚ Reiki Healer (qualified at the Gnostic Centre, Leeds, UK).

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⚜ Count Marco ⚜‘s reviews

  • nerdq92

    thank you very much!!

  • nerdq92

    thank you!

  • aquajan

    My favourite advisor on the whole site. Very precise with very quick connection. Thank you once again Marco xx

  • cheriemei

    Marco said it wasn't over and that we are both to learn from this. We reconnected again, and though it's still be a challenge, we are working things out. His prediction came true, he made some more today, will be back to update in a couple of weeks. Thanks Marco!

  • nickedangel

    very nice

  • homeskilletjo

    Thank you so much. I believe I know this perosn and will be open and honest with what I want and desire. Said he sees this person come to me between now and May. And I need to get ready but take things step by step. Let’s see what happens from now til May

  • nwatts

    I will wait to sere if his predictions are correct

  • nickedangel

    positive and clear, helpful and easy to understand.

  • cdlambdu

    Amazing thank you x

  • nerdq92

    thank you so much!!

  • nozlafchri

    Lovely man!

  • playa635

    insightful as always

  • dpurelove33

    Amazing reading I am so happy to have you to go to your insight is priceless !

  • sirenasagittarius86

    Very pleasant reading. Thank you so much.

  • princess_jayy

    He seemed very accurate! We spoke as if he was a pal I already knew! He is very detailed and a fast typist which I enjoyed! Provided many details as well

  • nerdq92

    solid predictions. practical and logical reader. thanks!

  • boedica

    Hoping for the best.

    Advisor's reply


    Soon enough benefits you shalt reap.Thanks for letting me Guide! Good Luck-God Bless!

  • dpurelove33

    I chat with him when I really need to get the answers. He is always right and he communicates like a conversation is going on. My favorite !!

  • boedica

    Many thanks!

  • twikitoria2000

    Too early to tell but loved his directness even though it was tough to hear. Will be looking forward to see how things pan out.