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Intuitive psychic reader using tarot, meditation and spiritual guidance to give honest and accurate readings.

Natural empath and intuitive psychic reader who uses tarot, meditation and spiritual guidance to give honest and accurate readings. I believe the best service I can give is to be truthful, so I do not sugarcoat messages I receive from your and my guides. Fast typist, no freebies and only registered users.

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    Natural empath and intuitive psychic reader who uses tarot, meditation and spiritual guidance to give honest and accurate readings. I believe the best service I can give is to be truthful, so I do not sugarcoat messages I receive from your and my guides. Fast typist, no freebies and only registered users.

  • Experience

    I am an intuitive psychic reader for 12 years and use tarot, meditation and spiritual guidance to give honest and accurate readings. All my readings are done with empathy and compassion. I am non-judgmental and my first priority is to assist clients to find clarity and guidance to follow their correct soul path. I have a strong determination to assist people through spiritual and uplifting guidance, in order to make important life decisions that will serve in their highest good. My aim is to empower clients to take action in their life and move forward with a goal. This is my destiny in life. I have the ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and clearly. I am able to see motivations, desire, feelings, energy, intentions, blocks and dynamics on a very core level. I am also an intuitive advisor, meaning your guides will show me what path you are on, and then show me what changes you can make to help a situation turn for your benefit. I am a Reiki master so it is natural for me to incorporate healing as part of any reading. A lot of our physical illnesses manifests from emotional or spiritual trauma – from this life, or past lives and childhood. Disclaimer and important info to read before you contact me: I believe in a fair exchange of energy - you are paying for my time and there is a strict no refund policy in place. I prefer to chat with registered users only. I do not do general readings online – please have your specific questions ready. I will always tell you what I see with truthfulness, and I do not make promised predictions. The reason for this is that we all have free will and it is up to you to follow the guidance, or not. Nothing is cast in stone, and everything is fluid – you determine your own outcome. I can give you a likely outcome and timeframe, but only if I am absolutely sure that you are willing to do what you have to in order to attract what you deserve in life. Please note that my readings are not a substitute for legal/medical advice, and under law, should be classified for entertainment purposes only. My picture is real, as I think it is important to see who you are connecting with.

  • Degrees & Qualifications

    Marseille, France - Mysteries of Tarot, In-depth interpretations & Tarocchi; Usui Reiki Ryoho Master; Certified Life / Business Coach; Hypnotherapist; Time Paradigm Techniques Practitioner; FAMSA Counselling Certification

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    English / French

Christine‘s reviews

  • tarosss67

    Adore her! she's compassionate and kind. A perfect example of someone with real talent:)

  • rumi0628

    Thank you so much Christine! You have been a tremendous help for me. Also you have always been right about me so I come back for more ❤️

  • wondering19

    The. Best. So genuine, really wants to help. Very patient and always spot on. I'm grateful to catch her and always blown away by what she says. Things are starting to unfold just as she said. Thank you for sharing your gift.

  • xofireflyox

    Really sweet, loving energy. Picked up on situation accurately and loved the detail. Thank you so much!

  • trebelaire

    One of the best tarot readers you'll ever find. Every reading has been spot on for me. She reads people like books and picks up marvelously on dynamics. Plus, she is genuinely invested in helping you figure things out rather than rushing you along. I adore this lady!

  • paprnazi

    Beautifully gifted ♥️

  • whitelily2435

    Great as always! Never disappointed with her readings! You won't find anyone more genuine!

  • anja1

    What an amazing reading and guidance. Such a patient lady and, as always, excellent reader, good, kind, friendly, down the earth reader with the God's gift. No one on this site is so good and always true as this reader is. This lady doesn't need any information, she is reading as she is living my life. She is a such a treasure that I'm so happy to be with her in contact even here. She is definitely here to help us, definitely. When she will read for you you'll know what am I talking about. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!! Thank you! xooxxo

  • charlyco

    Always fabulous!

  • rumi0628

    Always right on point :)

  • wondering19

    She quickly and accurately picks up on each situation I ask her about. Excellent at picking up on feelings, the little details, and really understands the dynamics between people. She knows without me telling her any info. Genuine, kind, and generous. Very fast typist and she always makes sure all my questions are answered. Thank you very much for all your help.

  • supersweetie12

    This is the best most genuine reader She is honest and does not sugarcoat but she displays compassion. A very genuine soul.

  • danyc

    Christine is truly AMAZING! ❤ She is honest, non-judgemental, compassionate, and very generous. She tunes into my energy so well and is accurate with every situation I've brought to her. The best of the very best!

  • aday1181

    Always amazing❤️ And generous with her time. Thank you!

  • anja1

    The best reader here and everywhere. Lady with special gift, Her gift is doubled with kind heart. She is reading my situation as she is living my life, she knows everything without any information from me. I see her as my best friend and I am blessed to have chance to chat with her. Can't find enough good words to describe how great person and reader she is. Do not miss her, she is only one reader here you can always trust and always get the best advice. This Earth would be a paradise if only 40 % of the population would be on her spiritual/goodness level as she is. Unbelievable!!! Coming back soon! Thank you!xooxxo

  • wondering19

    I Second everything dap3200 below says and all the other excellent reviews!! Wow, where to begin...been to so many on here and none compare to Christine. This lady is the real deal. I've been lucky enough to catch her a few times and she is so patient, genuine, kind, generous, quick to pick up with very little information, and a very fast typist. I have checked with her on at least 4 different topics, and she knew the details to all without me feeding her information. She is crazy accurate and genuinely wants to help. So glad to have found her. Thank you again Christine!

  • dap3200

    I have absolutely no idea where to begin. This reader is perhaps the best reader I have ever been to she is BY far 100% the best reader on bitwine. If you are looking fir an honest, scarily accurate reading she is the ONLY READER u can or should go to on this site. Wow what a blessing to have found her. She is a bit difficult to get a reading with because she is always busy but by far the most talented, gifted and kind reader on this site. WOw Im still blown away by the reading. Its the type of reading that will give u healing, honesty , but above all allow you to make strong decisions that will improve you as a person and your choices. She cares for her clients on such a deep deep level, this is not about mobey for her but about, truly truly assisting people. If you are looking for an authentic amreading with the most GIFTED reader on this site you must get a reading from christine. WOW ALL i can say is WOW.

  • modelcoach

    five star excellence- in tune with the inside story

  • holly1985

    wonderful compassionate lady

  • tarosss67

    She is my Best Friend here. A real honest reader:)